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  1. 1. AITA, JOHN A. - Neurocutaneous Diseases. Springfield, 1966. 8vo.,  pp.x, 85, dw. The text covers tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, Von Hippel-Lindau diaease and others.      $20.00

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    Rutkow OR52               $110.00

  3. 3.ASHBURN, P.M. - A History of the Medical Department of the United States Army. Introduction by Surgeon General Merrittre W. Ireland. 8vo., pp.xv, 448, ex.lib.
    GM 2186                   $15.00

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    GM4608; Iowa 2331 Their classification of the gliomas has hardly been improved upon, though variations  of it are now in use throughout the world.

  5. 5.BASTIAN, H. CHARLTON - On  Paralysis from Brain Disease in Its Common Forms. New York, 1875. 8vo., pp.xv, 340, Illus., vg.     $75.00

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    GM 5583 (London, 1807-09) Bell was one of the greatest surgeons, anatomist, and neurologist of the early 19th. C.                 $650.00

  7. 7.BELL, SIR CHARLES - Selections From the Writings of Sir Charles Bell. Bell’s Law, Bell’s Nerves, Bell’s Palsy, Bell’s Phenomena..... In Medical Classics Vol. 1 October, 1936.  $30.00

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    Cushing B430               $35.00

                   POET PHYSICIAN

  12. 12.(BRIDGES) KELSHALL, T.M. - Robert Bridges (Poet Laureate) London, Robert Scott, nd. 12mo., pp. 93. Bridges practiced medicine for 15 years in London and 1882 he retired and settled on the outskirts of Oxford. He was appointed Poet Laureate of England in 1913.              $20.00

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    GM 4311 (London, 1818) First clinical description of ankylosing spondylitis.                  $75.00

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  16. 16.CIBA SYMPOSIA - 5 MEDICAL HISTORY issues; Ancient Man, Search and Research, History of Allergy, The Eskimo, The Prescription. $30.00

  17. 17.COMRIE, JOHN D. - History of Scottish Medicine to 1860. London, 1927, 8vo., pp.304, fine blue linen binding decorated and lettered in gilt. Limited Edition Printed for Private Circulation Only.
    Cushing C367              $90.00

  18. 18.COPLIN W.M.L. - Lectures on Pathology. Philadelphia, 1895. 8vo., pp.156; Appendix A Tumors. pp.30; Appendix B. Bacteriology. pp.26; Appendix C Infectious Granulomata. pp.14. Coplin was Professor at Vanderbilt Univ. and subsequently at Jefferson Medical College.         $35.00    

  19. 19.CRANEFIELD, PAUL F. - The Way In And The Way Out. Francois Magendie, Charles Bell and the Roots of the Spinal Nerves. With a facsimile of  Charles Bell’s annotated copy of his “Idea of a New Anatomy of the Brain”. New York, 1974. Thick 4to.
    GM 1588.14 An annotated bibliography of the literature documenting the history of this controversy together with reproductions of the texts of the crucial papers              $90.00

  20. 20.CRILE, GEORGE - The Phenomena of Life A Radio-Electric Interpretation.  First Edition. New York, 1936. 8vo ., pp.379, illus.      $12.00

  21. 21.CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD - The Parietal Lobes. London, Edward Arnold, 1953. 8vo., pp.vii, 480, scarce dw. book review from Brit. Med. J. laid in.
    GM 4615.3 Defines for the first time the various functions of the parietal lobes.      $275.00

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  24. 24.CUSHING, HARVEY - Some Neurological Aspects of Reconstruction. Reprinted from Trans. Congress Amer. Phys. and Surg. 1919, pp.23-41, wraps. This paper deals with surgical aspects of hospitals in France during WW I and outcome.     $30.00

  25. 25.CUSHING, HARVEY - The Life of Sir William`Osler. First Ed., third impression. Two Vols. Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1925. 4to., illus. bound in Oxford blue linen, vg.      $90.00

  26. 26.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Brain. Hagerstown, 1969. 4to. pp.671, illustrated throughout. The editors of Lewis’ Practice of Surgery first published Dandy’s classic work in 1932 and soon became the standard American neurosurgical text in the decades before and after WW II.          $175.00

  27. 27.DERCUM, F.X., KEEN, W.W. and SPILLER, Wm. G. - Endothelioma of the Gasserian ganglion. Two successive resections of the ganglion; First by the extradural (Hartley-Krause) operation, and Secondly , by an intradural operation. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. April, 1900. pp.22, 5 figs. wraps, vg.$20.00

  28. 28.DEWHURST, KENNETH - Dr Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689) His life and original writings. (He was called “English Hippocrates”. London, 1966. 8vo., pp.viii, 191, illus., dw., fine         $15.00

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    GM 5575 (Paris, 1707)  Dionis taught operative surgery at the Jardin-ju-Roi, Paris, a famour training ground for surgeons.             $650.00

  30. 30.DOBY, TIBOR - Discoveries of Blood Circulation From Aristotle to the Times of Da Vinci and Harvey. New York, 1963. 8vo., pp.285, illus. dw. $20.00

  31. 31.DRUMMOND, DAVID - Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord. London, 1883. 8vo., pp.374, illus., vg.
    Courville 611             $45.00

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    Blocker p.117              $150.00

  33. 33.EVE, PAUL FITZSIMMONS - A  Collection of Remarkable Cases in Surgery. Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott, 1857. 4to., pp.858,  the cases were arranged according to region ie. head, neck, thorax etc.,contemporary calf. Inscribed twice “Presented to S.C.  Frost by Drs. Duncan and Paul F. Eve May 4th. /99”.
    Eve received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania and spent three years in postgraduate studies with the leading surgeons in London and Paris. He was Professor of Surgery at  the Universities of Georgia, Louisville, Vanderbilt and Nashville. He was Surgeon General of the Army of Tennessee. This book is very scarce.
    Blocker P.128; Rutkow GS14      $700.00

  34. 34.FISHBEIN, MORRIS - Doctors at War. New York, 1945. 8vo., pp.418, illus. with photographs and charts. This treatise tells for the first time the inspirational story of American doctors in action in World War II.              $20.00

  35. 35.FITCH, SAMUEL SHELDON - Six Lectures on the Uses of the Lungs; and causes, prevention, and cure of Pulmonary Consumption, Asthma, and Diseases of the Heart.... New York, 1847. 8vo., pp.324, illus., orig. embossed cloth lettered in gilt.      $45.00

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  37. 37.FRANCIS.SAMUEL W. - Report of Professor Valentine Mott’s Surgical Cliniques in the University of New York session 1859-60. New York, 18608vo., pp.xii, 209, illus., vg.
    Blocker p.145             $75.00    

  38. 38.FRAZIER, CHARLES H. - Seven reprints dating 1915-1933 Topics: syringomyelia, pituitary lesions, meningeal fibroblastomas etc.         $50.00

  39. 39.FULTON, J.F. - Physiology of The Nervous System. First Edition. New York, 1938. 8vo., pp.xv, 675, fine, Inscribed on f.e.p. “Signed for David Crocker with all good wishes. John Fulton November 1939”.
    GM 1248                     $45.00

  40. 40.FULTON, JOHN F. - Michael Servetus Humanist and Martyr. With a bibliography of his works and census of known copies by Madeline E. Stanton. New York, 1953, 8vo., pp.98, illus., vg. $35.00

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    Blocker p. 173.              $125.00

  42. 42.HAGGAARD, HOWARD W. - Devils, Drugs and Doctors. The story of the science of healing from medicine-man to doctor. New York.1929, later printing. 8vo., pp.405, illus.         $15.00

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    GM 3159                 $40.00

  48. 48.HOLMES, GORDON - The National Hospital Queen Square 1860-1948. London, 1954. 4to., ppxii, 98, illus. dw., vg.              $45.00

  49. 49.HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Elsie Venner: A Romance of Destiny. Two Volumes. Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1861, orig. embossed cloth, lettered in gilt, vg.                
    Cushing H413              $75.00

  50. 50.HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Border Lines of Knowledge in some provinces of Medical Science. An introductory lecture, delivered before the Medical Class of Harvard University, November 6th., 1861. Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1862. References are made to the Civil War and concludes with his famous poem “The Two Armies”
    Cushing H408             $125.00

  51. 51.HORSLEY, SIR VICTOR and STURGE, MARY D. - Alcohol and The Human Body. London, 1909. 8vo., pp.xxv, 344, vg.           $35.00

  52. 52.HUXHAM, JOHN - An Essay on Fevers, and their Various kinds as depending on Different Constitutions of the Blood.... Second Ed. London, S. Austen, 1750. 8vo., pp.xvi, 288, fine 3/4 morocco binding.
    GM 2201 Huxham was well known in the west of England and wrote important monographs on diphtheria and on Devonshire colic. He noted a difference existed between typhus and typhoid, at the time usually regarded as one condition. This book included the first use of the word “influenza” by an English physician.         $175.00

  53. 53.JENNER, EDWARD - An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of The Variolae Vaccinae, A Disease discovered in some of the Western counties of England, Particularly Gloucestershire, and known by the name of THE COW POX. London, 1798. 4to., pp.75, 4 colored plates, ex. lib. This facsimile edition published in Milan in 1923 the centenary of Jenner’s death limited to 500 copies.             $25.00

  54. 54.JOSLIN, ELLIOTT P. - The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.... Second Ed. Philadelphia, 1917. 8vo., pp.xvi, 559, illus. Signed “William Mason M.G.H. 1919. vg.                 $25.00

  55. 55.KANAVEL, ALLEN B. - Infections of the Hand.... Third Ed. Philadelphia, 1916. 8vo ., pp.499, illus., vg.
    GM 4386.01 The first comprehensive treatise on hand surgery.                 $30.00

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  57. 57.KEEN, WILLIAM WILLIAMS - Addresses and Other Papers. Philadelphia, 1905. 8vo.,, 441. Included is his essay “Surgical Reminiscences of the Civil War”.
    Cushing K15              $125.00

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    GM 461.3                 $50.00

  62. 62.(LISTER) - CAMERON, SIR HECTOR CLAIR- - REMINISCENCES OF LISTER and of his Work in the Wards of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary 1860-1869. Glasgow, Jackson, Wylie & Co., 1927. 8vo., pp.45, frontis port., wraps.      $45.00

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    GM 6451.2                    $75.00

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    GM 6440                  $50.00

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  70. 70.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - MR. KRIS KRINGLE A CHRISTMAS TALE. Illustrated by Clyde O. De Land. Philadelphia, 1904. 8vo., pp.105, decorative cloth binding, light wear. The following little Christmas story was written for the benefit of the home of The Merciful Savior for crippled children Philadelphia.             $45.00

  71. 71.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Some Recently Discovered Letters of William Harvey with other miscellanea. Philadelphia, 1912. Sm. 4to., pp.59, stiff wraps. $45.00

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    GM 6401                  $125.00

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    GM 2231 (1892)              $50.00

  77. 77. OSLER, WILLIAM - Aequanimitas With other addresses to medical students, nurses and practitioners of medicine. Second Edition, third impression. London, 1914. 8vo., pp.x, 475, few marginal notes else vg.         $50.00

  78. 78.OSLER, WILLIAM - Science and War. An address delivered at the University of Leeds Medical School on October 1, 1915. Oxford, 1915. 8vo., 39, bound in red linen, lettered in gilt, scarce, not listed in Golden and Roland.             $90.00

  79. 79.(OSLER) - Contributions to Medical and Biological Research Dedicated to Sir William Osler. In Honour of his seventieth birthday July 12, 1919 by his pupils and co-workers. Two Volumes. New York, 1919, illus., orig. blue cloth, lettered in gilt. Near fine. A remarkable collection of historical and clinical essays.                 $150.00

  80. 80.ROLAND, CHARLES G. - William Osler, 1849-1919 Commemorative Issue. Reprinted from JAMA, Dec. 22, 1969, pp.2213-2271, stiff wraps, fine.                 $40.00

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  2. 82.PENFIELD, WILDER - The Torch. First Ed. Boston, 1960. 8vo., pp.xiv, 370, a fine copy in a bright dw.
    GM6623.2  A romantic and inspirational novel  about Hippocrates in the ancient world of Cos. He is called to treat the daughter of Timon thought to be hopelessly ill with epilepsy, The Sacred Disease. $40.00

  3. 83.PEYER, ALEXANDER - An Atlas of Clinical Microscopy. Translated by Alfred C. Girard. First American Edition. New York, 1885. 8vo., pp.xiv, 194, 90 plates, 105 illus.         $20.00

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  7. 87.SANKEY, W.H.O. - Lectures on Mental Disease. Second Ed. , with illustrations. London, 1884. 8vo., pp.vii, 454. laid in is Als. on his Boreatton Park stationary Oct. 23, 1884 to an unnamed recipient.
    Stankey  was a Fellow of the R.C.P. He was closely associated at the London Fever Hospital and the Middlesex County Asylum at Hartwell. He lectured on mental diseases at University Hospital London. $75.00

  8. 88.SAUNDERS, J.B. deC M. and O’MALLEY, CHARLES D. - The Illustrations From the Works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels. Cleveland, 1950. Lg. 4to., pp.248, dw. Presentation copy to dean Harold. one of the signers was Doris Appel. See GM 372. $45.00

  9. 89.SHARP, M. (SAMUEL) - Traite’ des Operations de Chirurgie. First French Edition. Paris, Chez Hippolyte-Louis Guerin, 1741, 8vo., pp.xiii,(5),391,(4), 14 plates illustrating various surgical instruments., cont. calf.
    Blake P.416; Waller 8898.          $175.00

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    Blocker p.371; RCP p.1161           $40.00

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    GM 4366 (London, 1896) The greatly expanded 2nd. Ed. is the best.              $125.00

  16. 96.TWEEDIE, ALEXANDER - Clinical Illustrations of Fever Comprising a report of the cases treated at the London Fever Hospital. First American Ed. Philadelphia, Carey and Lea 1831. 8vo., pp.152, signed “P.B. Cobb May 1838 on title., cont. calf binding.              $75.00

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    GM 1335 (3rd. ed., 1952)          $35.00

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  21. 101.WRIGHT, G.A. - Hip Disease in Childhood, With special reference to its treatment by  excision. London, 1887. 8vo., pp.viii, 246, 48  orig, woodcuts, vg.             $125.00



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  1. 102.BARTHOLIN, THOMAS - ANATOME EX omnium Veterum Recentiorumque Observationibus.ex Caspari Barthonini. Ad Circulationem Harvejanam....Leyden, Hackiana, (1674), Title page dated 1673, added engraved t.p. 1674. 8vo., pp. (6L), (7L), engraved port. of Thomas Bartholin, 804, (8L). 131 plates (lower 1/2 of one plate torn off), cont. calf binding, skillfully re-backed, raised bands.
    GM 1377.3 (Leyden, 1641) In this revision of his father’s anatomical treatise Thomas included the first depiction of the fissure of Sylvius, the lateral cerebral fissure and the only part of the cerebral hemisphere to be given a name “island of Reil” between 1641 and the 19th. C. Wellcome II p.107.     $475.00   See pictures on web page.        $1200.00

  2. 103.BASTIAN, H. CHARLTON -  On the Symptomatology of Total Transverse Lesions of  the Spinal Cord. With special reference to the condition of the various reflexes. Extracted and rebound from Medico-Chirurgical Trans. Vol. 73, London, 1890, pp.151-217.
    GM 4577 “Bastian’s Law”, transverse lesion of the spinal cord above the lumbar enlargement results in the abolition of the tendon reflexes of the lower extremities. Scarce      $80.00

  3. 104.BELL, CHARLES - Engravings of the Arteries; Illustrating the Anatomy of the Human Body, and Serving as an Introduction to Surgery of the Arteries. Second American Edition, from the Third London Edition, corrected. Philadelphia

A. Finley, 1816. Sm. 4to., pp.78, 12 plates (includes un-numbered plate of the aortic system and an additional plate VI). Plates drawn by Bell and hand colored, half-title present, contemporary calf binding, contents remarkably clean without foxing and slight off-setting of the plates.      $375.00

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    Cushing B258; Iowa 1309 Bell has an enormous range of anatomical knowledge which he expressed fully in this treatise. He took great interest in continuing to change and improve the book and made a number of additions for this third edition.     $150.00

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    Cushing B688; Iowa 1386. Brodie’s Lectures were extremely poplar and the publisher decided to issue them in book form. $125.00

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    As Garrison notes the Brunioan theory, as it was called, actually held attention of Europe for a quarter-century and as late as 1802 Benjamin Rush took it up in America.      $125.00

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    GM 3267 Osler (2254, 1861)  Catlin was a famous explorer among the American Indians and as he states in this curious, fact filled little book, he visited and studied 150 tribes in North and South America. He was particularly impressed of health of the mouths of these native peoples, whose health he attributed largely to their good breathing habits, that is, with mouth shut.              $80.00

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    GM 1934 Fleming discovered the growth-Inhibiting action of penicillium mold in 1929 but was unable to make a pure and stable compound. Chain and his co-workers concentrated penicillin and showed that it was probably the most effective chemotherapeutic  drug known and relatively non-toxic. This led to mass production of the drug which saved millions of lives. See picture on webpage                $850.00


  3. 112.CHARCOT, J.M. - Clinical Lectures on Senile and Chronic Diseases. London, The New Sydenham Society, 1881. 8vo., pp.xvi, 307, 6 plates, vg.
    Charcot is one of the great physicians who made the name of Salpetriere famous. In addition to his works in neurology he published a book on old age which was translated into English in 1881. This was the first formal work on old age to appear in the United States.
    GM 2222                    $60.00

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    Combe became an advocate of phrenology after watching Spurzheim dissect a brain. Combe founded The Phrenological Society of Edinburgh. This early concept of cerebral localization would lead to the definitive studies of Hitzig and Fritsch.          $125.00

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    CB 12 This monograph represents the most detailed pathological study of individual cases of acromegaly available in the literature.  $80.00

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  17. DUNGLISON, ROBLEY - General Therapeutics, or, Principles of Medical Practice;
With Tables of the chief remedial agents, and their preparations; and of the different p      isons and their antidotes. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea and Blanchard, 1836. 8vo ., pp.xi, 580, An exceptional copy, cont. calf, skillfully rebacked.
After arriving in America he was brought to The University of Virginia.
Cordasco 30-0285; Iowa 1601         $200.00

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    GM 1409 London, 1876         $225.00

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    Krause, the father of German neurosurgery stands with Cushing and Macewen as one of the pioneers of neurological surgery. This set is his most comprehensive work and constituted an accurate picture of surgery of the brain and spinal cord at the time.
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    Cushing T40, Iowa 1124          $150.00

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    This was the first case in which intrathecal penicillin was used. 
    SEE PICTURES ON WEBPAGE                 $1600.00

  28. 200.FLINT, AUSTIN, JR - The Physiology of Man;.... Vol. 4 Nervous System. New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1872. 8vo., pp.470, orig. pebbled cl., vg. Hammond’s “Diseases of the Nervous System” was published the year before in 1871. The publishers were desirous of this work though independent of Hammond’s as a sort of companion work.
    Cordasco 70-1118 locates only four copies of this scarce work.              $150.00

  29. 201.FINNEY, J.M.T. - A Personal Appreciation of Sir William Osler. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. Dec. 24, 1921, pp.19, wraps              $25.00

  30. 202.FULLER, HENRY WILLIAM - On Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, and Sciatica, Their Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment. First American Edition from the Third London Edition. Philadelphis, 1864. 8vo., pp.424, orig. embossed cloth binding. Owner’s name “Dr. Bruce L. Tippitt Kingswood, WVa on title page. The author covers rheumatic heart disease as well as other consequences of rheumatic fever treated at St. Georges Hospital, London.  $45.00

  31. 203.GOWERS, W.R. - Lectures on the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain. Delivered at University College Hospital. Second Edition. London, J.&A. Churchill, 1887. 8vo., pp.vii,254, orig. olive cloth, sm. lib. stamp “Reception Hospital St. Andrews”,vg.
    GM 4568 (London, 1885); Osler 2785     $150.00

  32. 204.GROSS,  SAMUEL D. - A System of Surgery; Pathological, Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Operative. Two Volumes. FIRST EDITION. Philadelphia, Blanchard and Lea, 1859. 4to., pp.xxiv, 35-1162; xxiv, 19-1198, 936 engravings, contempory full calf bindings. See pictures on webpage.
    GM 5607; Iowa 1678; Rutkow GS46 This work was considered one of the most important surgical treatises of its time. Only 2000 copies were printed. A second edition was printed in 1862 early in the Civil War. His section of treatment of head injuries was especially important.          $1850.00

  33. 205.GULL, WILLIAM WITHEY - A Collection of Published Writings. Medical Papers. London, The New Sydenham Society, 1894. 8vo., pp.ix, 600, 10 plates & woodcut illustrations, orig. embossed binding, vg. The section on Diseases of the Brain cover cerebral abscesses and cerebral aneurysms. Bookplate of Dr. Michael Jefferson.      $110.00

  34. 206.GUTHRIE, DOUGLAS - Lord Lister His Life and Doctrine. Edinburgh, 1949. 8vo., pp.viii, 128, well illustrated. A very readable biography of the man who revolutionized surgery.          $25.00

  35. 207.HOLMES, GORDON - The National Hospital Queen Square 1860-1948. London, 1954. 4to., pp.xii, 98, dw.  A history of the British neurologists who founded the speciality of English neurology in the second half of the 19th. C.           $50.00

  36. 208.HORNER, WILLIAM E. - A Treatise on Special and General Anatomy. Two Volumes. Fifth Edition. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1840. 8vo., pp.519; 524, orig calf binding. Signature of owner “Mathew Wallace University of Virginia October 1846” in ink on fep. Horner a native of Warrenton, VA later succeeded Philip Syng Physic as Professor of Anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania. $90.00

  37. 209.JEFFERSON, SIR GEOFFREY - The Invasive Adenomas of the Anterior Pituitary. The Sherrington Lectures III. Springfield, 1955. 8vo., pp.ix, 66, Illustrated, vg.              $15.00

  38. 210.KAHN, EDGAR A. - Journal of a Neurosurgeon. Foreword by Bronson S. Ray. Springfield, 1972. 8vo., pp.ix, 172, illus., vg. Noteworthy is Dr. Kahn’s experiences in his early training at the University of Michigan and his WW II service.      $15.00

  39. 211.KELLY, HOWARD A. and WARD, GRANT E. - Electrosurgery. Philadelphia, 1932. 8vo., pp.xix, 305, 382 illustrations by William P. Didusch and others. The authors cover the application of electro-surgery to all branches of surgery and a interesting history of electrosurgery.           $120.00

  40. 212.KOBLER, JOHN - The Reluctant Surgeon. A Bibliography of John Hunter. Garden City, 1960. 8vo., pp.359, dw.              $15.00

  41. 213.LEFANU, W.R. - A Bio - Bibliography of EDWARD JENNER 1749-1823. London, 1951, 4to., pp.xx, 176, frontis. port., fine.          $25.00

  42. 214.LEONARDO, RICHARD A. - History of Surgery. New York, 1943. Thick 8vo., pp.xvii, 504, 100 plates, vg.
    GM 5812 The plates make this work one of the best works on the history of surgery.      $125.00

  43. 215.LEWIS, THOMAS - Clinical Disorders of the Heart Beat. Fifth Editions. London, Shaw & Sons, 1920. 8vo., pp.128, ex.lib.              $18.00

  44. 216.LEWIS, THOMAS - Pain. New York, 1943. 8vo., pp.xiii,192, illustrated.         $15.00

  45. 217.LIBBY, WALTER - The History of Medicine. In its Salient Features. First Edition. Boston, 1922. 8vo., pp.x,427, 9 plates.              $20.00


  46. 218.CRONIN, A.J. - The Keys of the Kingdom. Boston, 1941. 8vo., pp.344.             $20.00

  47. 219.CRONIN, A.J. - The Green Years. New York,1944. 8vo., pp.311, dw.              $20.00

  48. 220.DOYLE, A. CONAN - Round the Red Lamp. Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life. First American Editon. New York, 1894. 8vo., pp.v, 307, orig. red cl. dec. in gilt, vg.             $175.00

  49. 221.MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Of Human Bondage. New York,1936. Second printing. 8vo., pp.565, vg. in a worn dw. Maugham’s classic novel of a tragic physician in which he states “this is a autobiographical novel; fact and fiction are inextricably mingled.”.           $45.00

  50. 222.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Dr. North and His Friends. New York, 1900. 8vo., pp.499, orig green cl. $35.00

  51. 223.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - The Youth of Washington. Told in the Form of an Autobiography. New York, 1904. 8vo., pp.290, orig. yellow cl., dec. in gilt. Dedicated to John S. Billings.          $35.00

  52. 224.SMITHERS, DAVID WALDRON - This Idle Trade. On Doctors Who Were Writers. Turnbridge Wells, 1989. 8vo., pp.272, dw., vg.          $35.00

  53. 225.WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS - White Mule. First Edition. Norfolk, New Directions, 1937. 8vo., pp.293, orig. cotton cloth, lettered in black, vg. Williams tells his stories as they must be from his pediatric experiences.          $60.00


  1. 226.MACKENZIE, MORELL - A Manual of Diseases of the Throat and Nose including the pharynx, larynx, trachea....New York, 1884. 8vo., pp.400, 92 woodcut illustrations.                 $25.00

  2. 227.MACKENZIE, MORELL - Autograph letter signed on his Harley Street stationary. See illustration on webpage instruments.          $175.00

  3. 228.MACMICHAEL, WILLIAM - The Gold-Headed Cane. New Edition. Foreword by James J. Waring and a Preface by William J. Kerr. Containing the text and illustrations of the fifth edition, including the introduction by George C. Peachey and his annotations. Springfield, 1953. 4to., pp.xxxii,186, partially unopened, vg.          $45.00

  4. 229.MAJOR, RALPH H. - Disease and Destiny. Preface by Logan Clendening. First Edition. New York, 1936. 8vo., pp.xiv, 338, 47 illustrations. Frontis piece - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Durer. The author shows how disease played a dominant role in the destiny of the human race.
    GM6432                    $45.00

  5. 230.MAJOR, RALPH H. - Classic Descriptions of Disease With Biographical Sketches of the Authors. Third and best Edition. 4to., pp.xxxi, 679, dw, vg.
    GM 2241 A collection of classic descriptions of diseased by 179 different writers.        $30.00

  6. 231.MALLOCH, ARCHIBALD - William Osler. Reprinted from Toronto Acadeny of Med.Bull. May 1932 pp. (8).              $20.00

  7. 232.MILLS, CHARLES K. and KEEN, W.W. - Tumor of the Superior Parietal Convolution, Accurately localizes and Removed by Operation. With a Pathological Report on the Nature of the Growth by W.G. Spiller. Reprinted from J. Nerv. and Ment. Dis. May, 1900, pp.21, wraps, vg. This tumor described as an endothelioma was removed in Nov. 1899.                 $50.00

  8. 233.MOORE, NORMAN - The Harveian Oration Delivered before The Royal College of Physicians of London on October18, 1901. 8vo., pp.59, vg. The address focuses on the College during Harvey’s time in the early 17th. century.         $15.00

  9. 234.NAEGELE, DR. FRANZ CARL - The Obliquely Cantracted Pelvis. Mainz, 1839. Centennial Edition Newly Translated from the Original German, New York, 1939. 4to., pp.x, `69, 16 full page plates. This copy is No. 40 of a limited edition of 360 copies.
    GM 6257  See pictures on webpage.   $80.00

  10. 235.NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Order and Life. The Terry Lectures, Yale University. Cambridge, The University Press, 1936. 8vo., pp.175, 45 illustrations, vg.              $20.00

  11. 236.OPPENHEIM, H. - Diseases of the Nervous System. Translated by Edward E. Mayer. First American Edition. Philadelphia, 1900. 8vo., pp.899, 293 illustrations.              $35.00

  12. 237.OSLER, WILLIAM - Aneurysm of the Anterior Cerebral Artery exhibited at autopsy by Dr. Osler. In The Canada Medical Record. 11: No.11, p.241, Aug., 1883. (Absent from Golden and Roland). This number complete. Scarce          $30.00

  13. 238.OSLER, WILLIAM - Cerebro-Spinal Fever. Reprinted from Maryland Med. J. July 16, 1898, p.7 $30.00

  14. 239.OSLER, WILLIAM - Intermittent Claudication. Reprinted from Montreal Med. J. Feb., 1902, wraps, vg.                  $35.00

  15. 240.(OSLER) - The First Osler Memorial Celebration of the Canadian Medical Association. Reprinted from Canadian Med. Assoc. J. 1929, pp.15. The Osler Library by W.W. Francis is signed in ink at end of article, wraps, vg.               $35.00

  16. 241.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - The Evolution of Modern Medicine. First Edition, fifth printing. New Haven, 1935. 4to., pp.xv, 243, illus., orig. green cl. lettered in gilt.
    GM 6414 This is one of the most interesting short histories of medicine written in Osler’’s usual charming style, and is still one of the best books with which to commence the study of medical history.                  $90.00

  17. 242.OSLER’S TEXTBOOK REVISITED. Edited by A. McGehee Harvey and Victor A. McKusick. New York, 1967. 8vo., pp.xi, 361, vg.      $25.00

  18. 243.(PAGET, STEPHEN) - Confessio Medici by the writer of “ The Young People” London, 1908. 8vo., pp.ix,158, vg. Paget states; “I only want to confess what I have learned, so far as I have come, from my life, so far as it has gone. Essays on Vocation, Hospital Life, An Essay for Students, Practice, The Discipline of Practice etc.
    Osler 3605                   $35.00

  19. 244.PAVLOV, I.P. - Conditioned Reflexes. An Investigation of The Physiological Activity of the Cerebrall Cortex. First English Edition. Translated and Edited by. G.V. Anrep. Oxford, University Press, 1927. 8vo., pp.xv,430.           $80.00

  20. 245.PAYNE, JOSEPH FRANK - Thomas Sydenham. London, 1900. 8vo., pp.xvi,264, frontis port. The great Sydenham is noted as the designer of modern clinical medicine and “The English Hippocrates”.                 $25.00

  21. 246.PENFIELD, WILDER - No Other Gods. First Edition. Toronto, 1954. 8vo., pp.340. An historical novel based on the Biblical story of Abram. $15.00

  22. 247.PENFIELD, WILDER and ROBERTS, LAMAR - Speech and Brain-Mechanisms. Princeton, 1959. 8vo., pp.xiii, 286, illus., dw., vg. The authors state this book is the outcome of ten years of carefully planned study of brain dominance, and of Aphasia and other speech disturbances.      $20.00

  23. 248.PENFIELD, WILDER - No Man Alone. A Neurosurgeon’s Life. First Edition. Boston, 1977. 8vo., pp.xv, 398, dw., vg.           $25.00

  24. 249.RACHFORD, BENJAMIN KNOX - Diseases of Children. First Edition. New York, 1912. 8vo., pp.xvii, 783, 107 illus., 6 plates.      $45.00

  25. 250.RANNEY, AMBROSE L. Lectures on Nervous Diseases. First Edition. Philadelphia, 1888. 4to., pp.xiv, 778, profusely illustrated including 14 plates, errata, vg.                  $40.00

  26. 251.RIESE, WALTHER - A History of Neurology. New York, 1959. 8vo., pp.223. The author has also outlined a Neurological Chronology of eminent neurologist from Galen to modern times.
    GM 5019.1                  $40.00

  27. 252.ROMBERG, MORITZ HEINRICH - A Manual of the Nervous Diseases of Man. First English Edition. Translated and Edited by Edward H. Sieveking. Two Volumes. London, The Sydenham Society, 1853. 8vo., pp.xvi,368;viii,450, original olive embossed cl., dec. in gilt, vg.
    GM 4528 (Berlin, 1846)  Romberg inaugurated the modern era in the study of diseases of the nervous system. He translated Sir Charles Bell’s “The Nervous System of the Human Body”. See Viets in Haymaker’s Founders of Neurology.      $475.00

  28. 253.RUSSELL, J.S. RISIEN and HORSLEY, SIR VICTOR. - Discussion on the Treatment of Epilepsy.  Extract from The London Med. Soc. Trans. 26: 120-142, London1903      $45.00

  29. 254.SENN, NICHOLAS - Tahiti The Island Paradise. Chicago, 1906. 8vo., pp.254, 50 half-tone illustrations, orig. blue cloth dec. in gilt. Inscribed “ Mr. & Mrs. Heurotin with kindest regards and thanks of the Author”. Senn was Professor  of Surgery at the University of Chicago and Rush Medical College. He also was Chief of the Operating Staff during the Spanish-American War. $75.00

  30. 255.SHERRINGTON, SIR CHARLES - The Intergrative Action of the Nervous System. With a New Foreword by the Author & A Bibliography of His Writings. Canbridge, 1947. 8vo., pp.xxiv,433, illus. dw. Book Plate “Presented by The Physiological Society on the occasion of the XVII International Physiological Congress Oxford July 1947.
    GM 1432 (New York, 1906)           $90.00

  31. 256.SINGER, CHARLES - A Short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900. New York, Oxford Univ. Press, 1959. 8vo., pp.xviii, 525, 188 illustrations., vg. $35.00

  32. 257.TANDLER, J. and RANZI, E. - Chirurgische Anatomie und Operationstechnik des Zentralnervensystems. Berlin, 1920. 4to.,, 157, 92 figures, some in color.          $45.00
    See pictures on webpage.

  33. 258.TEMKIN, OWSEI - The Falling Sickness. A history of epilepsy from the Greeks to the beginning of modern neurology. Second Edition Revised. Baltimore, 1971. 8vo., pp.xv, 467, dw, fine.
    GM 5015                    $35.00

  34. 259.THE ROYAL HOSPITAL OF SAINT BARTHOLOMEW 1123-1973. Edited by Victor Cornelius Medvei and John L. Thornton. London, 1974. 8vo., pp.423, illustrated, dw. fine. Inscribed “With best wishes, John L. Thornton, Aug. 30, 1978”.                  $35.00

  35. 260.THOMPSON, C.J.S. - The History and Evolution of Surgical Instruments. Foreword by Dr. Chauncey D. Leake. New York, 1942, 4to., pp.113 beautifully illustrated, one of 1000 coopies printed, vg.
    GM 5811                  $75.00

  36. 261.THORNTON, JOHN L. and REEVES, CAROLE  - Medical Book Illustration. A Short History. Cambridge, 1983. 4to., pp.xiv, 142, 55 plates, dw., fine. A beautifully illustrated book illustrating medical illustration from ancient times to the 20th. century.             $30.00

  37. 262.VIRCHOW, RUDOLF - Die Cellularpathologie. Zweite, neu hurchaesehene Auflage. Berlin, von August Hirschwald, 1859. 8vo., pp.xviii, 444, 144 woodcuts, contemporary 1/2 calf, gilt lettering, marbled boards, corners bumped else a vg. copy. This second edition was published just 9 months following the first edition.
    GM 2299 (Berlin, 1858) Virchow was the greatest figure in the history of pathology. This book is one of the most important books in the history of medicine and the foundation stone of cellular pathology.             $ 600.00   
    See pictures on webpage.

  38. 263.WHITE, JAMES C. and SWEET, WILLIAM H. - Pain Its Mechanisms and Neurological Control. First Edition. Springfield, 1955. 4to., pp.xxiv, 736, illus., dw., vg.                  $25.00

  39. 264.ZULCH, KLAUS JOACHIM - Otfrid Foerster Physician and Naturalist. November 9, 1873 - June 15, 1941. New York, 1969. 8vo., pp.viii,96, (13). illustrated.
    Foerster was one of the important German neurologist and a self tought neurosurgeon. He was appointed by Cushing as Surgeon-in- Chief
    pro tempore at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in 1930             $45.00

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