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  1. 1.ABERNETHY, JOHN - Surgical Observations. Two Volumes. First American Edition. Philadelphia, Thomas Dobson, 1811. Vol. I On The constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases; and on Aneurisms. On. Diseases Resembling Syphilis; and on Diseased of the Urethra. Vol. II On Injuries of the Head and on Miscellaneous Subjects. 8vo., pp.299, orig. tree-calf bindings.
    GM 5584 (London, 1809-10); Cushing A13; Iowa 1194; Austin 3.                       $300.00

  2. 2.AN AMERICAN TEXT-BOOK OF GYNECOLOGY. Second Edition. Edited by J.M. Baldy. Philadelphia, 1898. 4to., pp.718, 341 illustrations and 38 colored and half-tone plates.                   $35.00

  3. 3.BASHFORD, H.H. - The Harley Street Calendar. London, Constable & Co., 1929. 8vo., pp.272. A treatise of 11 essays of famous English physicians from Gilbert in the 12th. century up to William Osler.
    Cushing B147          $25.00

  4. 4.BASTIAN, H. CHARLTON - On the Symptomatology of Total Transverse Lesions of the Spinal Cord; with special reference to the condition of the various reflexes. Reprinted from Med. Chir. Trans. 1890, pp..151-217. Bound in linen, lettered in gilt.
    GM 4577 “Bastian’s law” , transverse lesion of the cord above the lumbar enlargement results in the abolition of the tendon reflexes of the lower extremities.     $45.00

  5. 5.BEAUMONT, WILLIAM  Experiments and observations on the Gastric Juice and The Digestion. Facsimile of the original edition of 1833, with a biographical essay by Sir William Osler. Boston, 1929. 8vo., pp.xi, 279. $30.00

  6. 6.BELL, SIR CHARLES - Animal Mechanics or proofs of design in the animal frame. The perfection of design in the  bones of the head, spine, and chest....
    Together with:
    WYMAN,, JEFFRIES - Animal Mechanics on the cancellated structure of some of the bones of the human body or of those bones which have a definite relation to the erect position which is naturally assumed by man alone. Cambridge, The Riverside Press, 1902. 8vo., pp.xi, 135.                  $125.00

  7. 7.BING, ROBERT - Compendium of Regional Diagnosis in Affections of the Brain and Spinal Cord. Third American Edition. St. Louis, 1929. 4to., pp.xviii, 204, 102 illustrations. This is one of the very best texts illustrating the various nerves and tracts in the central nervous system correlated with diseases and injuries of the central nervous system.                  $35.00

  8. 8.BRAIN, SIR RUSSELL - The Nature of Experience. The Riddell Memorial Lectures delivered at King’s College in the University of Durham, May 1958. London, 1959. 8vo., pp.73, dw. After touching on the clinical data of hallucination....he extends his scope to consider not only the visual arts but also poetry and religion.  $15.00

  9. 9.BULLOCH, WILLIAM - The History of Bacteriology. Heath Clark Lecture 1936 delivered at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. London, 1938. (first reprint, 1960) 8vo., xii, 422.
    GM 2580  This pioneering and classic history includes brief biographical notes of the more important workers, and an extensive bibliography.          $40.00

  10. 10.BURR, ANNA ROBESON - Weir Mitchell His Life and Letters. New York, 1929. 4to., pp.xii, 424, 28 full-page illustrations. A definitive and intimate account of the great neurologist and novelist.
    Cushing B870              $50.00

  11. 11.ECCLES, JOHN CAREW - The Physiology of Nerve Cells. Baltimore, 1964. 8vo., pp.ix, 270, ex.lib.  $15.00

  12. 12.(CARDIOLOGY) - VESELL, HARRY - A Collection of 34 reprints mainly on cardiac arrythemias, 1926-1968 from the Beth Israel Hospital, New York. Bound in one volume.                  $40.00

  13. 13.CIBA SYMPOSIA - FOUR NUMBERS. The Dream, 1948; Hashish, 1946; Cremation, 1951; French Psychiatry of the 18th. C.              $25.00

  14. 14.CONNOR, CHARLES L. and CUSHING, HARVEY - Diffuse Tumors of the Leptomenings. Two cases in which the process was revealed only by the microscope. Reprinted from Arch. Path. and Lab. Med. March, 1927, pp.19, wraps.                  $35.00

  15. 15.CRILE, GEORGE - Practical Aspects of Thyroid Disease. Philadelphia, 1949. 8vo., pp.xviii, 355. Laid in is a brochure on Tapazole for treatment of hyperthyroidism by Eli Lilly.                 $18.00

  16. 16.CRITCHLEY,, MACDONALD -The Parietal Lobes. London, Edward Arnold, 1953. 8vo., pp.vii, 480, scarce with dust jacket. Book review from Brit.Med. J. laid in.
    GM 4615.3 Defines for the first time the various functions of the parietal lobes.              $250.00

  17. 17.CROWE, FRANK W, A Clinical, Pathological, and Genetic Study of Multiple Neurofibromatosis. Springfield, 1956. 8vo., pp.ix, 181, dw., vg.         $35.00

  18. 18.CULPEPPER, NICHOLAS - The English Physician Enlarged. With three hundred and sixty-nine Medicines made of English Herbs, That are not in any Impression until This. London, J. Scatcherd, J. Walker, W. lowndes, (1790). 12mo., b7, 348, contemporary calf binding.
    Cushing C588 (1790?); Wellcome II,  p.415 (c 1800). $175.00

  19. 19.CUSHING, HARVEY - Hereditary Anchylosis of the Proximal Phalangeal Joints (Symphalangism). Reprinted from Genetics January, 1916, pp.90-106, 1 folding chart, wraps.   $25.00


  1. 20.CUSHING, HARVEY - Further Concerning a Parasympathetic Center in the Interbrain. VII The Effect of Intraventricularly - Injected Histamine. In: Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. July, 1932, pp.500-510, wraps.      $25.00

  2. 21.DANA, CHARLES L. - The Peaks of Medical History. An outline of the evolution of medicine. New York, 1926.  8vo. pp.105                                              $35.00

  3. 22.DANDY, WALTER E. - Benign Tumors in the Third Ventricle of the Brain: Diagnosis and Treatment. Springfield, 1933. 8vo.,  pp.171, 120 illustrations, 4 folding charts. Theodore Erickson’s copy.      $300.00

  4. 23.DANDY, WALTER E. - Meniere’s Disease. Symptooms, Objective Findings and Treatment in Forty-Two Cases. Reprinted from Arch. Otolaryng. July 1934, pp. 30, illus., folding chart, wraps, vg.
    GM 3406 Dandy’s operation for releif of Meniere’s Syndrome.                  $50.00

  5. 24.DANDY, WALTER E. - Intracranial Arterial
    Aneurysms in the Carotid Canal. Reprinted from the Arch. Surg. September, 1942. Pp.16.          $30.00

  6. 25.DANDY, WALTER E. - Diagnosis and Treatment of Strictures of the Aqueduct of Sylvius (Causing Hydorcephalus)  Reprinted from Arch. Surg. July, 1945, pp.11.                 $35.00

  7. 26.DANDY, WALTER E. - Surgery of the Brain. In Lewis’ Practice of Surgery. Vol XII. Hagerstown, 1969, pp.671, beautifully illustrated. This is a latter printing of the First printing of 1932. This work superseded Cushing’s “Surgery of the Head” and was the standard neurosurgery text before and after WW II.          $50.00

  8. 27.(De Carro) - Letters of Jean De Carro to Alexander Marcet 1794-1817. Edited with an introduction by Henry E. Sigerist. Baltimore, 1950. pp.78, wraps. Supplements to Bull. Hist. Med. No. 12. These letters are important.... to the early history vaccination on the European continent.  $15.00

  1. 28.DeLONG, RUSSELL N. - A History of American Neurology. New York, 1982. 8vo., pp.157, dw, vg. $25.00

  2. 29.(DIGBY) - Sir Kenellm Digby’s Powder of Sympathy. An Unfinished Essay by Sir William Osler. Introduction and Notes by K. Garth Huston. Los Angeles, 1972. 12 mo, pp.xv, 2L,33, dw.
    Golden and Roland 946                    $18.00

  3. 30.DIONIS, PIERRE - Cours D’Operations de Cirurgie, De’montre’es Au Jaardin-Royal. Quatrieme Edition. Paris, Chez d’Houry, 1751.  8vo., pp. xxxii, 920, numerous wood-cut illustrations of 17th. C. surgical instruments for a wide variety of surgical procedures. Engraved title and portrait of Dionis, folding plate of Le Jardin Royal at Paris, cont. polished calf, raised bands, gilt lettering. A very nice copy.
    GM 5575 (Paris, 1707) Dionis taught operative surgery at the Jardin-j-Roi, Paris, a famous training ground for surgeons.
    Wellcome II p.471; NLM p121          $675.00

  4. 31.DRUMMOND, DAVID - Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord: A guide to their pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. With an anatomical and physiological introduction. First Edition. London, Henry Kimpton, 1883. 8vo., pp.xl, 374, 51 illustrations.              $45.00

  5. 32.DUNGLISON, ROBLEY - General Therapeutics, or, Principles of Medical Practice; With Tables of the Chief Remedial Agents, and Their Preparations; and of The Different Poisons and Their Antidotes. First Edition. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea and Blanchard, 1836. 8vo., pp.580, orig calf binding, skillfully re-backed, a very nice copy.
    Blocker; Iowa; R.C.P. ; Wellcome II all only cite 2nd. Ed. of 1843                     $175.00

  6. 33.FULLER, HENRY WILLIAM - On Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, and Sciatica, Their, Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment. Philadelphia Lindsay & Blakiston, 1864. 8vo., pp.424Signatures of Bruce L. Trippett Kingswood, W.Y. on title. The author gives a classic description of sciatica nd the various treatments available at st. George’s Hospital, London.  $40.00

  7. 34.GARRISON, FIELDING H. - Contributions to The History of Medicine from the Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 1925-1935. Introduction by Martin M. Cummings., New York, 1966. 4to., pp.989
    GM 6408                     $45.00

  8. 35.GASK, GEORGE E. and ROSS, J. PATERSON. - The Surgery of The Sympathetic Nervous System. Second Ed. London, Baillirte, Tindall and Cox, 1937. 8vo., pp.xii, 191, vg.                 $35.00

  9. 36.GIBSON, JAMES E. - Dr. Bodo Otto and the Medical Background of the American Revolution. Springfield, 1937. 8vo.,  pp.ix, 345, dw., vg. A comprehensive account of medicine during the Revolutionary War.      $35.00

  10. 37.GOWERS, W.R. - Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain and of the Spinal Cord. New York, 1885. 8vo., pp.viii,293, vg.

  11. 38.GREGORY, OLINTHUS - Memoirs of the Life, Writings , and Character, Literary, Professional, and Religion of the late John Mason Good, M.D. With the Sermon Occasioned by His Death. Boston, Crocker & Brewster, 1829. 8vo., pp.344, frontis Port.
    Osler 2771A                   $45.00

  12. 39.HAGGARD, WILLIAM D. - Surgery Queen of the Arts and Other Papers and Addresses. Foreword by William J. Mayo. Philadelphia, 1935. 8vo., pp.x, 387 illustrated. The author was Professor of Clinical Surgery, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.          $30.00

  13. 40.HAGGARD, HOWARD W. - Devils, Drugs, and Doctors. The Story of the Science of Healing from Medicine-Man to Doctor. New York, 1929. 8vo., pp. xxii, 405, illus. $30.00

  14. 41.HAMBY, WALLACE B. - The Hospital Care of Neurosurgical Patients. Second Ed. Springfield, 1948. 8vo., pp.x, 156, dw.             $15.00

  15. 42.HARPOLE, JAMES - Leaves From a Surgeon’s Case-Book. First American Edition. New York,1938. 8vo., pp.xii, 300.                  $20.00

  16. 43.HARVEY, WILLIAM - Lectures on the Whole of Anatomy. An annotated translation of Prelectiones Anatomiae Universalis. By C.D. O’Malley, F.N.L. Poynter, K.F. Rossell. Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1961. 8vo., pp.239, 5 plates, dw.              $20.00

  17. 44.HERMS, WILLIAM B. - Malaria Cause and Control. New York, 1913. 8vo., pp.xi, 163. Based on a four year study of malaria in California.             $25.00

  18. 45.HERRELL, WALACE E. - Penicillin and Other Antibiotic Agents. Philadelphia, 1945. 8vo., pp.xv, 363. Included is a chapter on the history of the development of penicillin. $25.00

  19. 46.HOLMES, GORDON - The National Hospital Queen Square 1860-1948. Foreword by Sir Ernest Gowers.  Edinburgh, 1954. 4to., pp. xii, 98, dw.     $45.00

  20. 47.HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Our Hundred Days In Europe. First Ed. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin, and Co. 1887. 8vo., pp.iv, 329, orig. dec. olive cloth.
    Cushing H418; Osler 4953            $125.00

  21. 48.HOOD, PETER, - A Treatise on Gout, Rheumatism and Allied Affections. With a Chapter on Longevity. Second Ed. Philadelphia, 1879. 8vo., pp.viii, 431, errata. $35.00

  22. 49.HOWARD, R. PALMER - The Chief: Doctor William Osler. Canton, 1983. 8vo., ppxiii, 194. Inscribed by the author on the title page.          $40.00

  23. 50.HUME, EARL ERSKINE -  Victories of Army Medicine. Scientific Accomplishments of the Medical Department of the United States Army. Philadelphia, 1943. 8vo.,  pp.xiv, 250.                  $20.00

  24. 51.In Memory of Mary Putnam Jacobi. January Four 1907. Academy of Medicine New York. (1907). Women’s Med. Assoc. of New York. 8vo., pp.85, deckle edges, stiff wraps, ex.lib. Opening essay by Dr. William Osler Not in Golden and Roland. scarce.
    Osler 6678                   $30.00    

  25. 52.JACKSON, JOHN HUGHLINGS - In Medical Classics. vol.3 June, 1939. Pp. iv, 889-973, portrait, wraps. $20.00

  26. 53.(JACKSON) - THE LIFE OF CHEVALIER JACKSON An Autobiography. New York, 1938. 8vo., pp.x, 229, 58 photographic plates. Jackson was an American pioneer in Laryngology and “The Father of Endoscopy”. $25.00

  27. 54.JACOBI, PROFESSOR (EDUARD) - Portfolio of Dermochromes. Two Volumes. Second English Ed. English Adaption of Text by J.J. Pringle. New York, 1904. 4to., pp.xii, 78; viii, 83-181, 155 colored and 13 black and white illus. on 91 plates. aeg, calf bindings.     $40.00

  28. 55.JEFFERSON, SIR GEOFFREY - Selected Papers. London,, 1960. 4to., pp.xi, 563, 51 plates, dw. fine. $90.00

  29. 56.JENNER, EDWARD - An Inquiry into The Causes and Effects of The Variolae Vacccinae, A Disease Discovered in Some of the Western Counties of England Particularly Gloucestershire, And Known by the Name of The Cow Pox. London, For the Author, 1798. 4to., pp.iv, 75, 4 color plates showing the pustules. This facsimile edition published in 1923 the centenary of Jenner’s death. One of 500 copies by R. Lier & Co. Milan.
    GM 2529.3 A landmark in the history of medicine. $35.00

  30. 57.KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Portraiture of William Harvey. With a Catalogue and Reproductions of the Pictures. The Thomas Vicary Lecture 1948.  London, RCSE, 1949 4to., pp. 42,313, 32 plates.      $60.00

  31. 58.KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Life of William Harvey. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1966. 4to., pp.xviii, 483, XXXII plates, dw. This is the definitive biography of the greatest physician of the 17th. century.          $35.00

  32. 59.LAMBERT, SAMUEL W. - Three Vesalian Essays to accompany the Icones Anatomicae of 1934. New York, 19343. 4to., pp. 128, dw.           $25.00

  33. 60.LIBBY, WALTER - The History of Medicine In its Salient Features. Boston, The Riverside Press, 1922. 8vo., pp.xi, 427, illus., vg.              $25.00

  34. 61.LISTER, LORD - The Third Huxley Lecture Delivered before the Medical School o Charing Cross Hospital. London, Harrison & Sons, 1907. 8vo., pp.58, ex.lib, a nice copy.
    Cushing L298                $60.00

  35. 62.(LISTER) - Lister and The Ligature. A Landmark in the History of Modern Surgery. New Brunswick, 1925. 8vo., pp.89, frontis. port., stiff wraps. “The story of Lister’s efforts to produce a catgut ligature as here told, is mainly from his own writings, now scattered and Inaccessible. $40.00

  36. 63.LUND, FRED B. - Greek Medicine. New York, 1936. 12mo. pp.xi, 161, 7 illustrations.         $25.00

  37. 64.MACKENZIE, SIR JAMES - Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment in Heart Affections. First Edition, second impression. London, 1916. 8vo., pp.viii, 264, vg. $40.00

  38. 65.MAGALINI, SERGIO - Dictionary of Medical Syndromes. Philadelphia, 1971. 4to., pp, x, 591, fine.
    GM 6809 A very useful reference to hundreds of syndromes.                  $30.00

  39. 66.MAJOR, RALPH H. - Classic Descriptions of Disease with Biographical Sketches of the Authors. Third Edition. Springfield, 1945. 4to., pp.xxx00, 679, illus. , dw. vg. This classic work should be in the library of any student of the history of medicine.
    GM 2241                  $45.00

  40. 67.MARTIN, FRANKLIN H. - South America From A Surgeon’s Point of View. Introduction by William J. Mayo. New York,  1922. 8vo., pp.xix, 325, Numerous Illustrations vg.              $35.00

  41. 68.MILLS, CHARLES K. and FRAZIER, CHARLES H. - A  Brain Tumor Localized and Completely Removed With Some Discussion of the Symptomatology of Lesions Variously Distributed in the Parietal Lobe. Reprinted from the Univ. Penn. Med. Bull. August, 1908, pp.23, wraps, vg.                  $40.00

  42. 69.MILLS, CHARLES K. - The Neurologic and Psychiatric Teaching of Medical Officers. Reprinted from Trans. Amer. Neuro. Assoc. May, 1918. pp.12, wraps. This training in Philadelphia beginning in 1917 for medical officers during W.W. I.               $15.00

  43. 70.NEWMAN, SIR GEORGE - The Rise of Preventive Medicine. The Heath Clark Lectures, 1931 delivered at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.London, 1932. 8vo.,, 270, vg.
    GM 1657.1                  $35.00

  44. 71.ORR, H. WINNETT - On the Contributions of Hugh Owen Thomas of Liverpool; Sir Robert Jones of Liverpool and London; John Ridlon of New York and Chicago. First Edition. Springfield, 1949. 8vo., pp.xiv, 253. A fascinating  account of the beginnings of modern orthopedic surgery of  interest to any physician.
    GM 4483                    $40.00

  45. 72.(ORTHOPEDICS) - Quekett, John - and unnamed recipient. Royal College of Surgeons April 19th. “Dear Sir, Mr Guthrie (George James) proposes to Lecture on a case of removal of the astragalus on Saturday and will be here at 4 o’clock this day to  perform the operation on the dead subject if  therefore you are disengaged he would be glad to see you at 4 o’clock today to aid him with your advice as he had heard of you performing a similar operation. Yours Truly, John Quekett.” (Quekett joined the staff of the R.C.S. in 1840 and subsequently assumed custody of the Hunterian Museum, London. Guthrie was the leading military surgeon in England at the time) $125.00

  46. 73.OSLER, WILLIAM - On Amebic Abscess of the Liver. Reprinted from The Med. News, 1902, pp. 15, wraps, vg. $35.00

  47. 74.OSLER, WILLIAM - Science and Immortality. The Ingersoll Lecture, 1904. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1904. 8vo., pp.54, orig binding, vg.
    Golden and Roland 964             $75.00

  48. 75.OSLER WILLIAM - An Alabama Student and Other Biographical Essays.  First Edition, second impression. New York, 1909. 8co., pp.334, vg. Probably the best collection of Osler’s essays on medical historical figures. A delightful read.              $40.00

  49. 76.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - An Address on High Blood Pressure: Its associations, advantages, and disadvantages. Delivered at the Glasgow Southern Medical Society.Reprinted from Brit. Med. J. November 1912, pp.,13, vg                  $50.00

  50. 77.SIR WILLIAM OSLER Memorial Number. appreciations and Reminiscences. Bulletin No. IX of the International Association of  Medical Museums and Journal of Technical Methods. Montreal, Privately Issued, 1926, First Impression. This copy No. 870 of 1500 copies. Foreword by William H. Welch, Proem by Sir Clifford Allbutt, Preface by Maude E. Abbott. 4to., pp.xxxviii, 633, Frontispiece: Sir William Osler (Presented by Lady Osler) Photogravure Engraving.
    Cushing I15;                  $200.00

  51. 78.OSLER, WILLIAM - EPHEMERA - Program and Menu of Annual Dinner of the Osler Society. Ritz-Carlton Hotel, May 10th. 1944 at 7:30 p.m. Guest of Honour  Professor John Fulton. Subject: “The Position of Medicine in the Strategy of War”. The committee included Arthur Beland, President and William Feindel Secretary. Printing and Osler crest in red on front cover similar as shown in the Osler Library Newsletterr Summer,, 2016    $40.00

  52. 79.(OSLER) - William Osler Commemorative Issue. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. December 22, 1969, pp.2213-2271, stiff wraps.                   $35.00

  53. 80.OSLERS TEXTBOOK REVISITED. Reprint of selected sections with commentaries. Edited by A. McGehee Harvey and Victor A. McKusick. New York, 1967. 8vo., pp.xi, 361.                 $20.00

  54. 81.OSLERIAN ANNIVERSARY - Incorporating the Fitzpatrick Lecture for 1975. The record of the 300th meeting of The Osler Club of London held jointly with the Royal College of Physicians of London.  Oxford, 1976. 8vo., pp. 4L, 96,frontis portrait, 7 essays are printed included W.F. Gibson’s Fitzpatrick Lecture, 4 color plates, and a most interesting 36 annotated Osleriana items,  this in one of 350 numbered copies.           $50.00

  55. 82.PARE, AMBROISE - Ten Books of Surgery with The Magazine of Instruments Necessary for it.  Translated by Robert White Linker and Nathan Womack. Athens, Univ. of Georgia Press, 1969. 8vo., pp.xvi, 264.    $35.00

  56. 83.PAVLOV, IVAN PETROVITCH - Conditioned Reflexes An Investigation of The Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex. Translated and Edited by G.V. Anrep, M.D. London, Oxford, University Press, 1927. 8vo., pp.xv, 430, figures, original black cloth, lettered in gilt, near fine.
    FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH. The present work is a translation of the first Russian Edition. von Anrep was a friend, and coworker of Pavlov’s.
    GM 1445 citing the New York 1928 edition. See Haymaker and Schiller “Founders of Neurology  $375.00

  57. 84.PENFIELD, WILDER and ROBERTS, LAMAR - Speech and Brain-Mechanisms. Princeton, 1959. 8vo., pp.xiii, 286.                  $20.00

  58. 85.WILDER PENFIELD: His Legacy to Neurology. Papers given at a Memorial Meeting October 29, 1976 at Montreal Neurological Institute. by William Feindel Reprinted from CMA J. June, 1977, pp.16.      $12.00

  1. 86.PERIPHERAL NERVE INJURIES By the Nerve Injuries Committee of the Medical Research Council. London, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office., 1954. 8vo., pp.xvi, 451, illustrated.                  $20.00

  2. 87.PHYSICIANS of the MAYO CLINIC and MAYO FOUNDATION. With Portraits. Philadelphia, 1927. 8vo., pp.vii, 577, vg, sm. lib. stamp on title.     $20.00

  3. 88.POST, ALFRED C. - Eulogy on the late Valentine Mott, M.D. Delivered before the New York Academy of Medicine, November 27. 1865. New York, 1866. 8vo., pp.30                  $15.0

  4. 89.PROSSER, JAMES - Sore Throat its Nature, Varieties, and Treatment; Including the connection between affections of  the Throat and Other Diseases. Fourth Edition. Philadelphia, 1880. 8vo., pp.318, 2 full-page hand colored plates.                 $35.00

  5. 90.REGULATIONS FOR THE ARMY OF THE UNITED STATED 1913. Corrected to April 15, 1917. Washington, GPO, 1917. 8vo., pp.416. Article LXXIV is devoted to the Medical Department. scarce.          $35.00

  6. 91.RODIN, ALVIN E. - The Influence of Matthew Baillie’s Morbid Anatomy. Biography, evaluation and Reprint. Springfield,, 1973. 8vo., pp.vii, 293. dw.,  vg.  $20.00

  7. 92.ROGER, G.H. - Introduction to the Study of Medicine. First American Edition. Translated from the French by M.S. Gabriel, M.D. New York, 1901, 8vo., pp.vii, 545, orig. 3/4 calf binding.              $35.00

  8. 93.ROLLESTON, SIR HUMPHREY - Internal Medicine. First Edition. New York, 1930. 12mo., pp.ix, 92.
    GM 2240                  $25.00

  9. 94.SAUNDERS, WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Structure, Economy, and Diseases of the Liver: together with an inquiry into the properties and component  properties and component parts of the bile and bilary concretions. The Gulstonian Lecture. First American Edition.  Walpole, N.H., William Fessenden 1810. 12mo., pp.173, cont. calf binding some wear.
    RCP p. 1098 (London, 1793)          $90.00

  10. 95.SOUTH, JOHN FLINT - MEMORIALS OF The Craft of Surgery in England. Edited by D’Arcy Power, with an Introduction by Sir James Paget. London, Cassell & Co., 1886. 8vo., pp. xxx, 412, plates, vg., scarce.
    GM 5797; Cushing S332; Osler 6452      $300.00

  11. 96.SOZINSKEY, THOMAS S. - Medical Symbolism in connection with Historical Studies in the Arts of Healing and Hygiene. Philadelphia, 1891. 8vo., pp.xii, 171. Chapters on The Aesculapian Serpent, The Aesculapian Staff and Serpent and others. Scarce.
    Osler 6453                  $40.00

  12. 97.SPALTEHOLZ, WERNER - Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy.Three Volumes. Edited and Translated from the Third German Editiion. By Lewelllys F. Barker with a Preface by Franklin P. Mall. Philadelphia and London, J.B. Lippincott, (1900). Printed by Fisher & Wittig, Leipzig.  Original black cloth covers, lettered in gilt in custom clam shell box.
    GM 430                  $150.00

  13. 98.SPURZHEIM, G. - A View of the Elementary Principles of Education founded on the Study of the Nature of Man. Second Edition. London, 1828. 8vo., pp.xii, 327, 3/4 polished calf, marbled boards.         $35.00

  14. 99.STILLE’, ALFRED - Epidemic Meningitis, or Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. Philadelphia, Lindsay and Blakiston, 1867. 8vo., pp.178. Bookplate of True M Gould, M.D. Raymond, N.H. Oct 26, 1867 on front past down.
    Blocker p.377
    William Osler in his essay on Stille in his book “The Alabama Student” notes this important monograph on Cerebro-Spinal Menimgitis was one of his two important monographs, “The work on cerebro-spinal fever is a model of accurate, systematic study based of a large series of cases seen in the Philadelphia Hospital and upon exhaustive analysis of the Literature”.     $125.00

  15. 100.THE HARVEY CUSHING COLLECTION OF BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPTS. NewYork, 1943. 4to., pp.xvi, 207, original blue cloth lettered in gilt, vg.
    GM 6779 Catalogue of books etc. bequeathed by Cushing to the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University. This is a very useful reference work of important works in the history of medicine for collectors.     $175.00

  16. 101.THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY IN THE WORLD WAR. Volume XIV.   Medical Aspects of Gas Warfare. Washington, GPO, 1926. 4to., pp. 876, illustrated including 10 colored plates showing injury from mustard gas. Bookplate of “Library of the Surgeon General’s Office”          $30.00

  17. 102.THE WORKS OF ARISTOTLE, The Famous Philosopher in Four Parts - I . HIS COMPLETE MASTERPIECE to which is added THE FAMILY PHYSICIAN. II. HIS EXPERIENCED MIDWIFE, Absolutely necessary for Surgeons, Midwives, Nurses, and Childbearing Women. III. HIS BOOK OF PROBLEMS, IV HIS LAST LEGACY. A new and improved edition: London, Miller, Law, and Carter, 1821. 12mo. frontis piece, pp.310, 1L , contemporary calf.
    Wellcome Library II, p.56.          $150.00

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