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  1. 1.ADRIANI, JOHN - Techniques and Procedures of Anesthesia. First Edition. Springfield, 1947. 4to., pp.xii, pp. 404,illus. vg.                 $18.00

  2. 2.An American Text-Book of Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat. First Edition. Edited by G.E. deSchweinitz and Randall B. Alex  Philadelphia, 1899- 4to., pp.1251, 766 illus, 59 in color.   $35.00

    3-A  ASHFORD, BAILEY K. - A Soldier in Science. Foreword by Gen. M.W. Ireland. 425New York, 1934. 8vo., pp.425. The author was an army doctor in Puerto Rico who studied the widespread anemia and discovered and successfully diagnosed and treated North American Hookworm Disease. He founded the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Puerto Rico                  $15.00

  3. 3.BAILEY, PERCIVAL - Intracranial Tumors. Second Ed. Springfield, 1948. 4to., pp.xxiv, 478, numerous illus. including 16 plates, dw. near fine           $75.00

  4. 4.BARNARD, CHRISTIAAN and PEPPER, CURTIS BILL. One Life. Toronto, 1969. First American Edition. 8vo., pp.492 The author performed the first human to human heart transplant on December 3rd, 1967 at Groote Schuat Hospital in Cape Town, S.A.              $12.00

  5. 5.BARTHOLOW, ROBERTS - A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Third Edition. New York, 1880. 8vo., pp.xvi, 595, cont. calf Bdg., usual wear.
    In addition to various medicines, Bartholow has sections on heat, massage, electricity, acupuncture, and blood letting. In 1876, to confirm in the human, the work of Fritsch, Hitzig and Ferrier, he became the first to stimulate electrically the brain of a conscious human, producing muscular contractions in the contralateral extremities and on increasing the current, a focal convulsion occurred (DeJong) Bartholow first reported this daring experiment in 1874. This is discussed in this treatise on p.267.
    Reynolds 2-114 (4th. ed., 1882).          $75.00

  1. 6.BELL, CHARLES - Engravings of the Arteries: Illustrating the Second Volume of the Anatomy of the Human Body, and serving as An Introduction to the Surgery of The Arteries.  Fourth Edition. London, Longmann, Hurst, Rees...., 1824. 4to., pp. ix, 61, plates I-XIV, hand- colored, each plate etched by Chas. Bell, (these plates are pristine without offsetting or foxing), contemporary linen binding with some wear. Preliminary sheet describing “The Plan of Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Surgery by Mr. Charles Bell and Mr. Shaw given at Theatre of Anatomy, Great Windmill-Street.
    Wellcome II, p.135; Russell 55.          $400.00

  2. 7.BELL, SIR CHARLES - The Hand Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design. Second Edition. London, William Pickering, 1833. 8vo., pp.xvi, 314, woodcut illustrations. Sm. lib. stamp “Univ. Coll. of Wales Library. Fine binding of polished calf with raised bands.
    Cushing B257 (3rd.ed. 1834); Osler 1994 (1834) $200.00

  3. 8.BRAIN, SIR RUSSELL - Clinical Neurology. First Edition. London, 1960. 8vo., pp.viii, 399, illus., dw, vg. $30.00

  4. 9.BRAMWEL, BYROM - Clinical Studies. Vols. I, II, III. Edinburgh, 1903-05. 8vo., pp.388, 398, 424, numerous illustrations, each bound in 3/4 calf. Bramwell held Wednesday out-patients clinics at the Edinburgh medical school for many years which hardly a student failed to attend. These clinics were published as “Clinical Studies”. These ,the first three volumes cover all the various diseases seen in the clinics. Inscribed by owner “F. McGaw, M.D. 74 Dublin Road, Belfast.      $60.00

  5. 10.BRIGGS, WM. T. - Extract from a Report on History of The Surgery of Tennessee comprising the subjects of Stone in Bladder, Ovarian Tumors, Vesico-Vaginal Fistula, made to the Tennessee State Medical Society, April 3, 1872. Reprinted from the Nashville J. of Med. and Surg., pp.98, 1 colored plate, orig. wraps bound in stiff boards. $25.00

  6. 11.BRODIE, SIR BENJAMIN - Select Surgical Works. Clinical Lectures on Surgery, Delivered at St. Georges Hospital. Philadelphia, 1847. Two Volumes in One.  8vo., pp.viii, 352;194. Contemporary calf binding. Vol. I covers various surgical procedures on the extremities, nose and throat, breast, rectal disorders and Tic Douloureux, etc. Vol.II is devoted to diseases of the Joints.
    Cushing  B688                         $125.00

  7. 12.BROWN, JOHN - Rab and his Friends. Edinburgh, Davis Douglas, 1895. 12mo. pp.32, rebound in marbled boards. See Osler 4398                        $45.00

  8. 13.(BROWNE) - Sir Thomas Browne’s Letter to  a Friend 1690. London, 1924. The Haslewood Reprints No. 1. Folio, pp.12, stiff boards.         $35.00

  9. 14.CHARCOT, J.M. - Lectures on The Diseases of the Nervous System. Delivered at La Salpetriere. Translated by George Sigerson. First American Edition. Philadelphia, 1879. 8vo., pp.xii, 269, illustrated. Vg.     $175.00

  10. 15. CIBA SYMPOSIA - Nine issues 1940-41 The Medical School of Montpellier, The Infant, Quarantine, Alchemy in China, Medical Explorers, Babylonian Medicine, Twins, The Discovery of Pathogenic Germs, and The Great Moguls and Their Doctors.         $60.00

  11. 16.COHN, ISIDORE - Rudolph Matas. A Biography of one of the Great Pioneers in Surgery. New York, 1960. 8vo., pp.431, dw. See GM 2985         $15.00

  12. 17.COLTON, JAMES B. - John of Mirfield (d. 1407 Surgery. A Translation of his Breviarium Bartholomei, part IX. New York, 1969. 8vo., pp.xix, 230, illus. John of Mirfield’s text is chiefly concerning surgery of wounds and is a record of medieval surgery in the 14th. C. This work published under the auspices of the New York Acadedmy of Medicine.          $25.00

  13. 18.CULLEN, THOMAS S. - Dr. Howard A. Kelly Professor of Gynecologhy in the Johns Hopkins University and Gynecologist-in- Chief to The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Reprinted from The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bull. October 1919, pp. 43, wraps, vg.             $30.00

  14. 19.CUSHING, HARVEY - Notes on Penetrating Wounds of the Brain. Reprinted from Brit. Med. J. Feb., 1918,  pp.17 wraps, vg.  (Based on WW I experiences)     $50.00

  15. 20.CUSHING, HARVEY - The Cranial Hyperostoses Produced by Meningeal Endotheliomas. Reprinted from Arch. Neur. and Psych. August 1922, pp.16, wraps, vg. $40.00

  16. 21.(CUSHING) - Harvey Cushing As We Knew Him. A Symposium. Reprinted from Bull. New York Acad. Med. November, 1954, pp.886-915, wraps, vg. Seven papers by John F. Fulton, Bronson S. Ray, Leo M. Davidoff, Thomas I Hoen, John E. Scarff, Charles Bagley, Jr., and Edward H. Hume.                   $60.00

  17. 22.DaCOSTA, JOHN CHALMERS - A Manual of Modern Surgery General and Operative. Second Edition Philadelphia, 1898. 4to., pp. 911, 386 illus.  $35.00

  18. 23.DANDY, WALTER E. - Experimental Hydrocephalus. Reprinted from Ann. Surg. Aug., 1919, pp.129-142, 14 figs. (Plates) wraps, vg. This paper covers Dandy’s experimental surgery including his landmark paper of 1913 with K.D. Blackfan.           $50.00

  19. 24.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Treatment of Brain Tumors. Reprinted from J.A.M.A., Dec., 1921, pp. 20, wraps. $20.00

  20. 25.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Space-Compensating  Function of the Cerebrospinal Fluid - Its Connection with Cerebral Lesions in Epilepsy. Reprinted from Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bulletin, Aug., 1923, pp. 15, folding sheet of 4 figs. , wraps.                 $20.00

  21. 26.DANDY, WALTER E. - Operative Experiences in Cases of Pineal Tumor. Reprinted from Arch. Surg. July 1936, pp.28, 20 illus, wraps, vg.              $30.00

  22. 27.DAVIS, LOYAL - Surgeon Extraordinary The  Life of J.B. Murphy. Foreword by A.J. Cronin. London, 1938. 8vo., pp.287, vg.                 $25.00

  23. 28.DAVIS, LOYAL - A Surgeon’s Odyssey. Garden City, 1973. 8vo., pp.336, dw., vg The life and trials of one of American’s great neurosurgeons.          $15.00

  24. 29.DISEASES OF THE NOSE, THROAT, AND EAR Including Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy.  Edited by Chevalier Jackson and Chevalier L. Jackson. First Edition. Philadelphia, 1945. 4to., pp.xiv, 844, 934 illus. 18 plates in color, fine.                  $35.00

  25. 30.DOYLE, A. CONAN - Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life. First American Edition. New York, 1894. 8vo., pp.307, orig. red cloth, decorated in gilt.
    Cushing D241(1923)              $125.00

  26. 31.ERICHSEN, JOHN - The Science and Art of Surgery. A Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. First American Edition. Edited by John H. Brinton. Philadelphia, 1854. 8vo., pp.908, Contemporary calf, A nice tight copy. This book was so popular in the the United States that a copy was issued to every Union medical officer during the Civil War. Brinton, the editor served as medical director of Grant’s army during the Civil War.
    GM 5602 (London, 1853); Cushing E91; Iowa 1869. $250.00

  27. 32.FITCH, SAMUEL SHELDON - Six Lectures on the Uses of the Lungs; and causes, prevention, and cure of Pulmonary Consumption, Asthma, and Diseases of the Heart.... New York, 1847. 8vo., pp.324, illus., orig. embossed Cloth, dec. in gilt.         $35.00

  28. 33.FULTON, JOHN F. - The Physiological Basis of Psychosurgery. Reprinted from Proc. Amer. Phil. Soc. Oct.,195, pp.538-541, wraps.         $10.00

  29. 34.FULTON, JOHN F. - The Historical Contributions of Physiology to Neurology. Reprinted from Sci.Med. & Hist., 1953, pp.537-544, picture of Sherrington in Oxford taken by Fulton in 1925.         $15.00

  30. 35.GARRISON, FIELDING H. - The Principles of Anatomic Illustration Before Vesalius. An Inquiry into the Rationale of Artistic Anatomy. New York, Paul B. Hoeber, 1926. 8vo., pp.58, 15 illustrations on Japanese vellum. This special edition on 110 copies of which 100 are for sale, has been printed from type on Kelmscott hand-made paper with the illustrations on Japanese vellum, deckle edges, partially unopened. This copy No. 100 signed by Garrison.                  $175.00

  31. 36.GOODLETT, A.G. for many years a surgeon in the United States Army. The Family Physician, or Every Man’s Companion, with a Compilation from the Most Approved Medical Authors, Applied the Southern and Western Climates. To which is added an account of herbs, roots, and plants, used for medical purposes with directions how they are to be prepared, so that every man can be his own physician, Together with a glossary of medical terms. With an Appendix, containing a new and successful mode of treating Asiatic Cholera, by the compiler. Nashville, Tenn: Smith and Nesbit’s Steam Press, 1838.  8vo., pp.xiv, 17-792, attractively rebound in marbled boards.
    This scarce Tennessee imprint is one of the best and complete family medicine books.
    Cordasco 30-0365                       $180.00

  32. 37.GORGAS, MARIE D. and HENDRICK, BURTON J. - William Crawford Gorgas His Life and Work. Garden City, 1924. 8vo., pp.359, illus., vg. This biography covers Gorgas‘  work in Cuba and the Panama Canal in eradicating yellow fever and controlling malaria. $40.00

  33. 38.GRAY, HENRY - Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical. Edited by T. Pickering Pick. A New American Edition. Philadelphia, Lea Brothers & Co., 1893. 4to., pp.1129, original calf Bdg.
    GM 418 (London, 1858)          $75.00

  34. 39.HALLADAY, H.V. - Applied Anatomy of the Spine. Edited by A. G. Walmsley, D.O. Kirksville, J.F. Janisch,1920. 12mo., pp.205, vg. The author was Professor of Demonstrated and Applied Anatomy, American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, MO.          $45.00

  35. 40.HALSTED , WILLIAM STEWART - Surgical Papers. Two Vols. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press, 1924. 4to., Vol. I pp.xliii, 586, 48 plates, 57 illus., tables; Vol. II; vii, 603, 55 plates, three portraits of Halsted  at different ages, pages unopened. A fine set in original green cloth.
    Cushing H82; Iowa 2143; GM 86.3 In spite of his addiction to cocaine from experimenting with it as a surgical anesthetic in 1884, Halsted was among the greatest of all surgical innovators and teachers. He developed the modern system of residency training. $600.00

  36. 41.HARTLEY, SIR P.H-S., and ALDRIDGE, HAROLD RICHARD - Johannes De Mirfeld of St Bartholomew’s Smithfield His Life and Works. Cambridge, 1936. 8vo., pp.xvi, 191, vg. These medical writings written in the Priory of St Bartholomew’s in the latter half of the 14th. century in the days of Richard II.          $35.00

  37. 42.HEAD, HENRY - Studies in Neurology. Two Volumes. London, Henry Frowde, 1920. 4to., pp.ix,323; 333-862, orig. red cloth, illustrated.
    GM 1304; see Iowa 2241 for additional remarks. $150.00

  38. 43.HELMHOLZ, H.F. and CUSHING, HARVEY - Elephantiasis Nervorum of the Scalp: A Manifestation of von Recklinghausen’s Disease. Reprinted from Amer. J. Med. Sci. September, 1906, pp.24, wraps, vg. Dr. W.C. MacCallum’s copy.             $50.00

  39. 44.HEUER, GEORGE W. - Dr. Halsted. Reprinted as supplement to the Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp. Feb. 1952, pp105, frontis port of Dr. Halsted by Herman Becker (Dr Dandy’s favorite portrait). This copy in special blue linen binding.                  $90.00

  40. 45.HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Currents and Counter-Currents in Medical Science With other addresses and essays. Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1861. 8vo., pp.ix, 406. An exceptional copy in fine 3/4 green morocco binding. Otto Orren Fisher’s copy with his book-plate.
    Cushing H411; Osler 2992; Waller 4849.     $300.00

  41. 46.HOWARD, R. PALMER - The Chief Doctor William Osler. Canton, 1983. 8vo., pp.xiii, 194, illus. This book briefly summarizes Osler’s career as a distinguished physician-educator and includes a most intimate account of the Osler-Howard interactions beginning in Montreal and continuing until Osler’s death in 1919. Of particular interest is a section of “Biographical Notes” of Osler’s friends, associates, students etc.          $40.00

  42. 47.HUME, EDGAR ERSKINE - John Shaw Billings as an Army Medical Officer. A Tribute on His Hundredth Birthday. Reprinted from Bull. Inst. Hist. Med. Johns Hopkins Univ. April, `938225-270, stiff wraps. Inscribed “Dr. Howard A. Kelly with cordial regards and great respect. April 20, 1938 Edgar  Erskine Hume” $25.00

  43. 48.KEEN, W.W. - Remarks on Operations on the Gasserian Ganglion with a Report of Five Additional Cases. Reprinted from Amer. J. Med. sci. January, 1896,  pp.16, illus. , wraps.                  $35.00

  44. 49.KEITH, ARTHUR - The Antiquity of Man. Philadelphia, 1915. 8vo., pp.xx, 519, 189 illustrations. Piltdown skull in gilt on front blue linen cover, vg.
    Waller 5263                  $40.00

  45. 50.KERLEY, CHARLES GILMORE - Treatment of the Diseases of Children. Second Edition,  Revised. Philadelphia, 1909. 4to., pp.629. Kerley was a prominent New York pediatrician and his text was popular in the early 20th. Century.             $45.00

  46. 51.KOBLER, JOHN - The Reluctant Surgeon. A Biography of John Hunter. Garden City, 1960. 8vo., pp.359, dw. Hunter is the Father of Scientific Surgery.     $15.00

  47. 52.KRAUSE, FEDOR - Surgery of the Brain and Spinal Cord. FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH  New York, Rebman, (1909)-12. Three Vols. 4to., 82 full-color plates, 15 mostly color plates, 2 half-tone; 335 text illustrations (some in color). Most plates from paintings by Max Landsberg. Vol I translated by Heman A. Haubold, Vols. II & III by Max Thorek.
    Iowa 2195; GM 4880.2 Kraus was, with Macewen and Cushing, one of the pioneers of neurosurgery, and this is his most Comprehensive work, “destined to constitute an accurate picture of the status of the surgery of the brain and spinal cord as it stands at this writing, together with detailed clinical histories of cases and abstracts of my theme from the view-point of the clinician” This stands as a “corner-stone” of a historical collection in neurosurgery. $1050.00

  48. 53.MAJOR, RALPH H. - Classic Descriptions of Disease With Biographical Sketches of the Authors. Third Ed. Springfield, 1945. 4to., pp.xxxii, 679, illustrated, dw.
    GM 2241 A collection of classic descriptions of disease by 179 different writers from ancient times to the present. Foreign papers are translated into English.     $40.00

                          MEDICINA RARA

  49. 54.BARTISCH 1583 See Description on WEB PAGE.

  50. 55.SCULTETUS  1655 See Description on WEB PAGE.

  51. 56.(MILITARY MEDICINE0) - Crisis Fleeting Original Reports on Military Medicine in India and Burma in the Second World War. Compiled and edited by James H. Stone. Washington, Office of Surgeon General, 1969. 8vo., pp.xiii, 423, illus.  $20.00

  52. 57.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Wear and Tear or Hints For the Overworked. Third Ed. Philadelphia, 1871. 12mo., pp. 59, vg. Cushing M    418    $45.00

  53. 58.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System, Especially in Women. Second Ed. Philadelphia, 1885. 8vo., pp.287, 5 plates, near fine.
    Cushing M403 (1881)             $200.00          

  54. 59.O’MALLEY, CHARLES DONALD - Michael Servetus. A Translation of his Geographical, Medical and Astrological Writings with Introductions and Notes. London, 1953. 8vo., pp.208, illus, dw.      $45.00

  55. 60.OPPENHEIM,  H. - Diseases of the Nervous System. Translated by Edward E. Mayer. First American Edition. Philadelphia, 1900. 8vo., pp.899, 293 illus.  $45.00

  56. 61.OSLER, WILLIAM - The Principles and Practice of Medicine. First Edition, second issue, Gorgias spelled correctly. New York, D. Appleton &Co., 1892. 8vo., pp. xvi,(1), 1079, 3/4 calf as issued. Fielding Garrison’s copy with his bookplate and signature tipped in, vg.
    GM 2231, Golden & Roland 1378       $825.00

  57. 62.OSLER, WILLIAM - Notes on Aneurism. Reprinted from J.A.M.A., June, 1902, pp.12, wraps.      $40.00

  58. 63.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - Transient Attacks of Aphasia and Paralyses in States of High Blood Pressure and Arterio-Sclerosis. Reprinted from Canadian Med. Assoc. J Oct., 1911, pp.8              $50.00

  59. 64.OSLER, WILLIAM - The Coming of Age of Internal Medicine in America. Reprinted from Int. Clinics, Vol. IV, 1915. pp.5, wraps.              $35.00

  60. 65.SIR WILLIAM OSLER, Bart. Brief Tributes to His Personality, Influence and Public Service. Written by his friends, associates, and former pupils, in honor of his seventieth birthday and first published in the Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital for July, 1919. Baltimore, 1920,pp. 167, illustrated.          $125.00

  61. 66.OSLER, WILLIAM - The Evolution of Modern Medicine. A series of lectures delivered at Yale University on the Stilliman Foundation in April, 1913. First Edition, first printing. New Haven, 1921. 4to., pp.xv, 243, illus. vg.
    GM 6414 one of the most interesting short histories of medicine, written in Osler’s charming style. Golden and Roland 1070                  $150.00

  62. 67.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - Bibliotheca Osleriana. A Catalogue of Books Illustrating the History of Medicine and Science Collected, Arranged, and Annotated by Sir William Osler.. FIRST ED. Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1929. 4to., xxxvi, 785, Original Oxford blue cloth. Vg. Myron Prinzmetal, the Los Angeles cardiologist’s copy with his book-plate.
    GM 6772 Thus bibliography of over 7500 titles is the catalogue of Osler’s magnificent library.      $425.00

  63. 68.(OSLER) - Archives of Internal Medicine. July, 1949. Sir William Osler Memorial Number Pp.198, illus. wraps. $45.00.00

  64. 69.(OSLER) - Sir William Osler Aphorisms from his bedside teachings and writings. Collected by Robert Bennett Bean; Edited by William Bennett Bean. New York, Henry Schuman, 1950. 12mo., pp.159, dw., Presentation copy: “ To Sir Arthur S. MacNaulty with regards and good wishes. William B. Bean”.          $150.00

  65. 70.PATHOLOGY - Catalogue of the Pathological Preparations of Dr. William Hunter, Sir William Macewen, Prof. John H. Teacher, and Prof. J.A.G. Burton in the Museum of the Pathology Department, Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Glasgow, 1962. 8vo., pp.lxxxiv, 652. The history of Hunter’s will in establishing the museum collection together with a description of the specimens in the collection.         $35.00

  66. 71.PENFIELD, WILDER and NORCROSS, NATHAN C. - Subdural Traction and Posttraumatic Headache. Study of Pathology and Treatment. Reprinted from Arch. Neur. & Psych., July, 1936, pp.20, wraps.         $15.00

  67. 72.PENFIELD, WILDER and BOLDREY, EDWIN - Somatic Motor and Sensory Representation in the Cerebral Cortex of Man Studied by Electrical Stimulation. Reprinted from Brain, 1937, vol 60, pp.389-443, illus., wraps, v g. $40.00

  1. 73.PENFIELD, WILDER - The Epilepsies. Reprinted from Proc. Inter-State Med. Assoc. Oct., 1938, pp.2, wraps. $8.00

                    PHYSICIAN WRITERS

  2. 74.CRONIN, A.J. - The Keys of the Kingdom. First Edition. Boston, 1941. 8vo., pp.344.         $25.00

  3. 75.CRONIN, A.J. - The Green Years.First Edition. New York, 1944. 8vo., pp.311, dw.              $20.00

  4. 76.CRONIN, A.J. - A Song of Sicpence. First Edition. London,1964. 8vo., pp.279, dw.          $25.00

  5. 77.MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Of Human Bondage. Illustrated by Randolph Schwabe. Garden City, 1939. 8vo., pp.x, 684.                  $40.00

  6. 78.WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS - The Build Up. First Printing. New York, 1952. 8vo., pp.335.     $35.00

  7. 79.WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS. - White Mule. First Edition. Norfolk, New Directions, 1937. 8vo., pp.293, white linen binding.              $60.00

                 -END PHYSICIAN WRITERS

  8. 80.PICHOT, AMEDEE - The Life and Labours of Sir Charles Bell. London, Richard Bentley, 1860. 8vo., pp.xviii, 250, orig embossed cloth, vg.
    Cushing P266; Osler 1998; Waller 16431     $250.00

  9. 81.PIERREPONT, J.H. - History & Philosophy of Medicine. A Lecture Delivered Before The Portsmounth  Lyceum., Dec. 10, 1833. Portsmounth, Printed at the request of The Lyceum. 8vo., pp.12, wraps.          $12.00

  10. 82.RICHARDSON, SIR BENJAMIN WARD - Disciples of Aesculapius. Two Volumes. First Edition. London, Hutchinson & Co., 1900. 8vo., pp.viii, 424; viii, 425-827, Orig. green cloth dec. in gilt. Illustrated. Vg.
    GM 6721; Cushing R143(New York, 1901); Waller 16187. $250.00

  11. 83.ROBINSON, BEVERLEY - A Practical Treatise on Nasal Catarrh. New York, 1880. 8vo., pp.x, 182, 56 wood-cut illustrations many of instruments for operating on the nasal passages and nasopharynx. vg.          $40.00

  12. 84.SACHS, ERNEST - The History and Development of Neurological Surgery.  First Ed. New York, 1952. 8vo., pp.158, vg.                 $60.00

  13. 85.SACHS, WULF - The Vegetative Nervous System. A Clinical Study. Introduction by Sir Walter Langdon Brown. London, 1936. 8vo., pp.x,168, 8plates, 25 illlus., vg. Bookplate of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital College Library.                 $20.00

  14. 86.SAPPINGTON, JOHN - The Theory and Treatment of Fevers. Revised and corrected by Ferdinando Smith, M.D. Franklin, Tennessee. Arrow Rock, 1844. 12mo., pp. 216, later fine polished calf binding. The author practiced in Nashville and Franklin, TN. He settled in Arrow Rock, Saline Co. MO. where he enjoyed success treating malarial fevers in the Mississippi Valley with Peruvian bark or quinine. This treatise was the first medical book published west of the Mississippi river.
    Iowa 1321                 $250.0O

  15. 87.SCUDDER, CARLES LOCKE - The Treatment of Fractures. Second Ed.  Assisted by Frederic J. Cotton. Philadelphia, 1901. 8vo., pp.457, 611 illustrations. $25.00

  16. 88.SHERRINGTON, SIR CHARLES SCOTT. - Second Listerian Oration. Delivered in the Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, June 18, 1927. Separate offprint from Canadian Med. Assoc. J. Oct. , 1927, pp.1251-1263 stiff wraps.  Bound with:
    YOUNG, ARCHIBALD - LISTER. An Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Reception Given at the Opening of the Lister Centenary Exhibition at the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, London. April 7, 1927.      $150.00

  17. 89.SPALTEHOLZ, WERNER - Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy. Three Volumes. Edited and Translated from the THIRD GERMAN EDITION. By Lewellys F. Barker with a preface by Franklin P. Mall.  Philadelphia and London, J.B. Lippincott ,(1900). Printed by Fisher & Wittig, Leipzig. Original black cloth covers lettered in gilt. a very nice set in glassine covers, in custom clam shell box.
    GM 430                      $175.00

  18. 90.STOOKEY, BYRFON - Surgical and Mechanical Treatment of Peripheral Nerves. With a chapter on Nerve Degeneration and Regeneration. by G. Carl Huber. Philadelphia, 1922. 8vo., pp.475, 217 illus., 8 in color, and 20 charts. vg.                 $90.00

  19. 91.STOOKEY, BYRON and RANSOHOFF, JOSEPH - Trigeminal Neuralgia Its History and Treatment. Springfield,1959. 8vo., pp.xv, 366, illus., vg. $30.00

  20. 92.SURGERY IN AMERICA: From the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Cenrury. Selected Writings. Edited by a. Scott Earle. Philadelphia, 1965. 8vo., pp.x, 1280
    GM 5813.13 The important landmarks in the history of American surgery are well described.     $50.00

  21. 93.SWEET, RICHARD H. - Thoracic Surgery. Philadelphia, 1950. 8vo., pp.xx, 345,, 154 figs., vg.  $18.00

  22. 94.THE HARVEY CUSHING COLLECTION OF BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPTS. New York, Schuman’s, 1943. 4to.., ppxvi, 207, orig. blue linen, lettered in gilt. Vg.
    GM 6779 Catalogue, without annotations of books and manuscripts bequeathed by Cushing to the Historical Library of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale University School of Medicine.          $200.00

  23. 95.THE SEMI-CENTENNIAL OF ANAESTHESIA.  October 16, 1846: October 16, 1896. Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, 18974to., pp.95, 4 engravings, orig. linen binding lettered in gilt, spine sunned. Included are seven addresses including S. Weir Mitchell’s famous poem “The Birth and Death of Pain”. $275.00

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