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    1. 1.ADAMS, FRANCIS - The Seven Books of Paulus Aegineta. Translated from the Greek. With a commentary embracing a complete view of the knowledge possessed by the Greeks, Romans and Arabians on all subjects connected with medicine and surgery. In Three Volumes. First Edition. London, The Sydenham Society, 1845-47, 8vo., pp. xxviii, 683; xi, 511; viiil, 653, orig. green embossed cloth dec. in gilt.
      Cushing P158; Osler 441; GM 36. Paulus of Aegineta was the most important Physician of his day and a skilllful surgeon. He gave original descriptions of lithotomy, trephining, tonsillectomy, paracentesis and amputation of the breast and the first clear description of the effects of lead poisoning. His commentary on De re Medica gives a fuller account of Greek and Roman medicine than is elsewhere accessible in English.                 $400.00

  1. 2.ALSAKER, R.L. - Curing Catarrh Coughs and Colds. New York, 1926. 8vo., pp.283          $20.00

  2. 3.BELL, SIR CHARLES - Expression: Its Anatomy and Philosophy with the Original Notes and Illustrations. A new edition. New York, Samuel R. Wells, 1873. 12lmo., pp.201.                  $35.00

  3. 4.BROCK, R.C. - The Life and Work of Astley Cooper. Edinburgh, 1952. 8vo., pp. viii, 176, frontis. port., 14 plates, vg.                  $40.00

  4. 5.BROWN, W. LANGDON - The Sympathetic Nervous System in Disease. London, 1920. 8vo., pp.xi, 161. $20.00

  5. 6.BROWNE, SIR THOMAS - Religio Medici Letter to a Friend & Christian Morals. Edited by W.A. Greenhill, London, 1936. 12mo. pp.lvi, 392, dw.      $20.00

  6. 7.CHARCOT, J.M. - Lecons Cliniques sur les Maladies Des Vieillards et les Maladies Chroniques. Deuxieme Edition. Paris, Delahaye, 1874. 8vo., pp.xxxii, 304, 3 chromoilithographic plates.
    GM 2222 (Paris, 1867) Charcot inaugurated a course of study of geriatrics, at the Salpetriere in 1866; his lectures are embodied in this work.          $60.00

  7. 8. CHARCOT, J.M. - Lectures on Bright’s Disease of the Kidneys. Translated by Henry B. Millard, M.D. New York, 1878. 8vo., pp.xxxii, 304,3, 100 wood-cut illus. and 2 full-page colored plates of diseased kidneys, orig. binding, vg.$75.00

  8. 9.CHRISTIAN, HENRY A. and CUTLER, ELLIOTT C. - FACULTY OF MEDICINE MINUTES ON THE LIFE AND SERVICES OF HARVEY CUSHING. Reprinted from Harvard University Gazette, December 2, 1939, pp.50-52. $20.00

  9. 10.CLARKE, B. EARL - The History of The Microscope and Early Microscopy. reprinted from Rhode Island Med. J. June, 1942. pp.23, wraps.          $15.00

  10. 11.CLOWES, WILLIAM - Profitable and Necessarie Booke of Observations. With Introductions General and Medical By De Witt T. Starnes and Chauncey D. Leake. New York, 1945. 8vo., pp.xxvii, 229, (2L). The Book of Observations is reproduced in black letter. His treatise on gunshot wounds are said to be “the very best surgical writings of the Elizabethan age”.              $35.00

  11. 12.CONTRIBUTIONS TO MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH DEDICATED TO SIR WILLIAM OSLER IN HONOUR OF HIS SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY JULY 12, 1919. - Tow Volumes. New York, Paul B. Hoeber, 1919. 4to., pp. xix, 649; xi, 651-1268, frontis. port. of Osler in Vol. I, a near fine set. This set numbered 1105 of 1600 copies.                 $300.00

  12. 13.COOKE, A.M. - Sir E. Farquhar Buzzard. Oxford, 1975. 8vo., pp.36, frontis port. A biography of the famous neurologist of the National Hospital Queen Square. $12.00

  13. 14.COUPLAND, SIDNEY - The Harveian Oration. Delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London, on October 18th., 1915. London, 1915, 8vo., pp.67. $35.00

  14. 15.CULLEN, THOMAS S. - The Gay of Heart. Reprinted from  Arch. Int. Med., July, 1949, pp. 5, wraps. Some of Cullen’s memories, many humorous, of Osler at Johns Hopkins.                 $25.00

  15. 16.CUSHING, HARVEY - Accessory Sinus Disease and Choked Disk. Reprinted from JAMA July, 1920. pp.4. $20.00

  16. 17.CUSHING, HARVEY - Louisa Parsons First Superintendent of Nurses in the University of Maryland Hospital. Reprinted from Univ. Hosp. Nurses Alumnae. April, 1923, pp. 11, wraps.          $25.00

  17. 18.CUSHING, HARVEY and AYER, JAMES B. - Xanthochromia and Increased Protein in the Spinal Fluid Above Tumors of the Cauda Equina. Reprinted from Arch. Neuro.  Psych. August,1923, pp.27, wraps.     $40.00

  18. 19.CUSHING, HARVEY - “Dyspituitarism”: Twenty Years Later With Special Consideration of the Pituitary Adenomas. In Arch. Int.Med. April, 1933, pp.487-557, wraps.                 $40.00

  19. 20.CUSHING, HARVEY - Consecratio Medici and Other Papers. Boston, 1940. 8vo., pp.276, dw. This volume is a collection of 14 essays originally published in 1928. Several of the papers are medical classics.      $45.00

  20. 21.DA COSTA, J.M. - Harvey and His Discovery. Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1879. 8vo., pp.57, vg. $45.00

  21. 22.DANDY, WALTER E. - Cerebral (Ventricular) Hydrodynamic Test for Thrombosis o f the Lateral Sinus. Reprinted from Arch. Otolaryng., March1934, p.6 $25.00

  22. 23.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Operative Treatment of Communicating Hydrocephalus. Reprinted from Ann. Surg. August, 1938, pp.194-202, vg.     $40.00

  23. 24.DANDY, WALTER E. - Results Following Ligation of the Internal Carotid Artery. Reprinted from Arch. Surg. , October, 1942, pp.13.             $25.00

  24. 25.DANDY, WALTER E. - Newer Aspects of Ruptured Intervertebral Disks. Reprinted from Ann. Surg. April, 1944, pp.481-484.              $18.00

  25. 26.DAVIS, LOYAL - Fellowship of Surgeons. A History of the American College of Surgeons. Springfield,1960. 8vo.,, 523, dw.                 $25.00

  26. 27.DAY, GEORGE E. - A Practical Treatise on the Domestic Management and most important Diseases of Advanced Life. First American Edition. Philadelphia, Lea and Blanchard, 1849. 8vo., pp.226. The author covers diseases of advanced age by organ systems.      $45.00

          A PHARMACOPEIA 80 Years AGO

  27. 28.DE RE MEDICINA - Indianapolis, Eli Lilly and Co., 1938. First Edition. 8vo., pp373. A list of drugs and indications for use 80 years ago.              $30.00

  28. 29.DODDS, SIR CHARLES - The Riddle of the Seventeenth Century. The Linacre Lecture given at St. Johns College, Cambridge, on May 6, 1960, The author notes a similarity between Linacre and Harvey in some respects. 8vo., pp. 19.                 $15.00

  29. 30.DUNCAN, ALEXANDER - Memorials of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 1599-1850. Glasgow, James Maclehose and Sons, 1896. 4to., pp. xiii, 306, frontis port. of Doctor Peter Lowe
    Cushing D324; Osler 5918         $50.00

  30. 31.EDWARDS, W. STERLING - Plastic Arterial Graphs. Springfield, 1957. 8vo., pp.x, 126, Illustrated, dw. The author describes the history and problems of transforming from homographs to synthetic nylon materials. $25.00

  31. 32.ELSBERG, CHARLES A. - Diagnosis and Treatment of Surgical Diseases of The Spinal Cord and its Membranes. Philadelphia, 1916. 4to., pp.330, 158 illustrations, 3 in color.  Spine re-backed, orig. faded spine laid down. Contents very good
    GM 4910 (1941).               $250.00

  32. 33.FRANKLIN, KENNETH J. - A Monograph on Veins. First Edition. Springfield, 1937. 8vo., pp.xxii, 410, dw., vg. Dr. Charles H. Best’s copy signed on f.e.p.     $75.00

  33. 34.FREUD, SIGMUND - Totem and Taboo. Resemblances Between the Psychic Lives of Savages and Neurotics. First American Edition. New York, Moffat Yard and Co., 1918. 8vo., pp.x, 265. Freud’s first attempt to analyze some of the unsolved problems of social psychology from a psychoanalytic standpoint. (Norman p.855)  $75.00               

  34. 35.FULTON, JOHN F. - The Great Medical Bibliographers A Study in Humanism. Westport, 1977. 8vo., pp. xv, 107, illustrations.      Publication #26 Historical Library Yale University.      $25.00           

  35. 36.GALEN on the Natural Faculties. With an English Translation by Arthur John Brock, M.D. London, 1916. 8vo., pp. lv, 339.
    GM 569 Before Harvey, Galen was the most important figure in experimental physiology.      $40.00

                    GERMAN PEDIATRICS

  36. 37.DISEASES OF CHILDREN. Edited by Abraham Jacobi, Translated by Julius L. Salinger. New York, 1910. 4to., pp.xvii, 828, many illustrations.          $40.00

  37. 38.GIBNEY of the RUPTURED & CRIPPLED. Edited by Alfred R. Shands, Jr. - New York, 1969. 8vo., pp.xiv,152. Compliments of The Hospital For Special Surgery on f.e.p. $20.00

  38. 39.GRINKER, Lt Colonel ROY R. and Captain JOHN P. SPIEGEL - War Neuroses in North Africa The Tunisian Campaign (January-May 1943) New York, 1943. 8vo., pp.300, wraps. Distribution Flight Surgeons Army Air Forces. Restricted, Not to be Republished.      $35.00

  39. 40.GROSS, SAMUEL D. - A System of Surgery; Pathological, Diagnostic. Therapeutic, and Operative. Two Volumes. Philadelphia, Blanchard and Lea, 1859, 1862. Vol.I Second Ed. 8vo., pp.1062, 1227 engravings; Vol. II First Ed. pp. 1198, 936 engravings. Both vols, finely rebound in 1/2 calf, orig. labels laid down. A vg. set.
    GM 5607; Rutkow GS46, Gross’s Surgery is considered one of the most important surgical treatises of its time and went through six editions.          $1200.00

  40. 41.GUTHRIE, DOUGLAS - Lord Lister His Lfe and Doctrine. Edinburgh, E. & S. Livingstone, 1949. 8vo.pp.viii, 128, 21 full page plates.      $25.00

  41. 42.HALSTED, WILLIAM S. and EVANS, HERBERT M. - The Parathyroid Glandules. Their Blood Supply, and Their Preservation in Operation Upon the Thyroid Gland. Reprinted from Ann. Surg. October, 1907, pp.489-506, illustrations including 1 full page plate. $20.00

  42. 43.HALSTED, WILLIAM - Report of a Dog Maintained in Good Health by a parathyroid Autograph Approximately One Fourth of a Millimeter in Diameter. And Comments on the Development of the Operation for Graves Disease as Influenced by the Results of Experiments on Animals. Reprinted from J.Exper, Med. November 3, 1912. $15.00

  43. 44.HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Border Lines of Knowledge in Some Provinces of Medical Science. An Introductory Lecture, delivered before the Medical Class of  Harvard University November 6th, 1861 Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1862. Sm. 8vo., pp.80, orig. pebbled cloth, small chip head of spine, else vg.
    A charming, discursive and informative lecture, typical of Holmes’s style. He points out to his students that they will probably have gunshot wounds to deal with more than anything else, and characteristically, he closes with one of his poems, “The Two Armies”. (The American Civil War had begun the previous April).
    Cushing H408; Iowa 1750           $125.00

  44. 45.HOOK, DIANA H. and NORMAN, JEREMY M. - The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine. Two Volumes. San Francisco, 1991. Lg. 4to. red and black linen .The catalogue lists 2285 publications in addition to 153 works related to Mesmer and 172 on Freud. The set has 211 illustrations and 17 color plates. Diana Hook states the cataloging of this magnificent collection took 7 years. The publication price was $500. Haskell Norman’s reminiscence of his experiences as a bibliophile and collector are of great interest. It is safe to state that this was perhaps the finest library of medicine and science in private hands during the  period the collection was assembled.
    GM 6786.36                  $400.00

  45. 46.HORSLEY, SIR VICTOR and STURGE, MARY D. - Alcohol and The Human Body. An Introduction to the Study of the Subject, and a Contribution to National Health. London, 1909. Second Edition. 8vo., pp.xxv, 344, illus., near fine copy.              $40.00

  46. 47.HUNTER, RICHARD and MACALPINE, IDA - Three Hundred Years of Psychiatry 1535-1860. A History Presented in Selected English Texts. London, OUP, 1963. 4to., pp.xxvi, 1107, fine in dw.
    GM 5019.3   - Obituary of both authors laid in. Dr. Macalpine was born in Germany and graduated M.D. from Erlangen and practiced in Berlin. With the rise of Nazi Germany she fled Germany with her two young sons and ageing mother to England. One of the young sons would become Dr. Hunter. She re-qualified at Edinburgh and settled in London.  Also lain in is a reprint “Rossini: Piano Pieces For the Primal Scene” by the authors.          $60.00

  47. 48.JONES, SIR ROBERY and LOVETT, ROBERT W. - Orthopedic Surgery. Second Edition,, revised. New York, 1929. 8vo., pp.xvi, 807, orig. pebbled red cloth.
    GM 4391                  $50.00

  48. 49.KEEN, WILLIAM W. - The History of the Philadelphia School of Anatomy and Its Relations to Medical Teaching. A  Lecture. Philadelphia, 1875, pp.32, wraps. 25.00

  49. 50.KEEN, WILLIAM W. - The Later History  of Four Surgical Cases.
    1. My First Case of Brain Tumor  (1887)
    2. Two Patients with Rectal Cancer Surviving Many Years
    3. Traumatic Rupture of Middle Meningeal Artery without Skull Fracture  (1902)  Reprinted from JAMA, May, 1913, pp. 7, wraps.                  $25.00

  50. 51.KEEN, WILLIAM W. - The Dangers of Ether as an Anesthetic. Reprinted from Boston Med. Surg. J., December, 1915, pp.33, wraps.          $20.00

  51. 52.KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Portraiture of William Harvey.  With a catalogue and reproduction of the pictures. The Thomas Vicary Lecture of 1948. First Edition. London, The Royal College of Physicians of England.  4to., pp.42, 32 plates.          $80.00

  52. 53.KEYNES, GEOFFRFEY - The Gates of Memory. Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1968. 8vo., pp.428, illus.,. dw., vg. A biography of the great surgeon and medical historian. $20.00

  53. 54.KEYS, THOMAS E. - The History of Surgical Anesthesia with a Introductory Essay by Chauncey D. Leake. New York, 1945. 8vo.,, 191, ports. of leaders in the development of anesthesia.
    GM 5732                  $25.00

  54. 55.LeFANU, WILLIAM - A Catalogue of the Portraits and Other Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture in the ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OD ENGLAND. Edinburgh, 1960. 4to., pp.xii, 119, 52 plates, color frontis. port. of John Hunter.                  $35.00

  55. 56.LEWIS, SINCLAIR -  Arrowsmith.  New York, 1953. 8vo., pp.428, orig. binding, vg. Arrowsmith first published in 1924 was awarded the Pultizer Prize which Lewis refused to accept.              $35.00

  56. 57.LEWIS, SIR THOMAS - Vascular Disorders of the Limbs. New York,, 1936xi, 111, vg.          $20.00

  57. 58.LEWIS, SIR THOMAS - Diseases of the Heart. Second Edition. New York, 1937. 8vo., pp.xx, 297, vg. $40.00

  58. 59.LONG, ESMOND R. - A History of Pathology. First Ed. Baltimore, 1928. 8vo., pp.xxiv, 291, 48 full page
    GM 2317 The first systematic history of the subject n the English language.               $45.00

  59. 60.MACMICHAEL, WILLIAM - The Gold-Headed Cane. With an introduction by Sir William Osler and a Preface by Francis R. Packard. New York, 1926. 8vo., pp.xxii, 261.                 $45.00

  60. 61.MAUROIS,, ANDRE - The Life of Sir Alexander Fleming Discoverer of Penicillin. Translated from the French by Gerard Hopkins and with an Introduction by Professor Robert Cruickshank. London, Jonathan Cape, 1959. 8vo., pp.293, illustrated.         $40.00

  61. 62.METTLER, CECILIA C. - History of Medicine. A Correlative Text, Arranged According to Subjects. Philadelphia, 1947. 8vo., pp.xxvii, 1215
    GM 6440                  $45.00

  62. 63.McINNIS, E.M. - St Thomas Hospital. Springfield,, nd. 8vo., pp.230, 15 plates, dw, vg.
    The author, the archivist of St Thomas gives a history of the hospital founded over 800 years ago. Dr. Richard Mead was physician to the hospital and William Cheselden was surgeon. Florence Nightingale chose the hospital in which to found her training school for nurses. On 29 November, 1849 Harold Ridley performed  first intraocular lens implantation.          $20.00

  63. 64.MEYER, ARTHUR WILLIAM - An Analysis of the DE GENERATIONE ANIMALIUM of WILLIAM HARVEY.  Stanford,1936. 8vo., pp.xx, 165, dw., vg. $25.00

  64. 65.MILLS, CHARLES K. - The Sensory Functions Attributed too the Seventh Nerve. Reprinted from J. Nerv. Ment. Dis. June, 1910, pp.273-309, wraps.         $18.00

  65. 66.Mills, Charles  K. - Total Paralysis of the Brachial Plexus Due to Traumatism Causing Evulsion of the Component

       Roots of the Plexus. Reprinted from Therapeutic Gazette,
       August, 1911, pp.21, wraps.         $15.00

  1. 67.MILLS, CHARLES K. and JONES, ISAAC H. - Tests by Barany Methods demonstrating neuraxial differentiation of the fibers from the horizontal and the fibers from thee vertical semicircular canals. Reprinted from JAMA October, 1916, pp.7.              $12.00

  2. 68.Mitchell, S. Weir - On the Modern Methods of Studying Poisons. In: The Atlantic Monthly, September, 1868, pp.294-302                  $20.00

  3. 69.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Hysterical Rapid Respiration, With Cases; Peculiar Form of Rupial Skin Disease in an Hysterical Woman. Reprinted from Amer. J.Med. Sci. March, 1894, pp. 12, wraps.         $15.00

  4. 70.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Little Stories. New York, 1903. 12 mo., pp.110, fine in gilt decorated blue linen. $35.00

  5. 71.NEUBURGER, MAX - The Historical Development of Experimental Brain and Spinal Cord Physiology Before Flourens. Translated and Edited by Edwin Clarke. Baltimore, 1981. 8vo., pp.xxiii, 391, fine
    GM 1574                  $40.00

  6. 72.NEUROSURGERY AND THORACIC SURGERY. W.W.II. Edited by Howard C. Naffziger and Evarts A. Graham. Philadelphia, 1943 8vo., pp.xvi, 310, illustrated throughout.                  $20.00

  7. 73.NEWMAN, C.E. - The Art of The De Motu Cordis. The Harveian Oration of 1973. London, B.M.A.1974, pp.18. $15.00

  8. 74.O’MALLEY, CHARLES DONALD - Michael Servetus A Translation of His Geographical, Medical and Astrological Writings With Introduction and Notes. Philadelphia, 1953. 8vo., pp. 208, illustrated, dw.         $45.00

  9. 75.OSLER, WILLIAM - Science and Immortality. The Ingersoll Lecture, 1904. Boston, (1904) 12mo. pp.54, vg.
    Cushing O107; Osler 3576          $75.00

  10. 76.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - The Principles and Practice of Medicine. Eighth Edition with the assistance of Thomas McCrae. New York, 1912. 8vo., pp.xxi, 1226
    G. & R. 1407                  $40.00

  11. 77.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - Remarks on Arterio-Venous Aneurysm. Made at a Symposium on the Subject at Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, on March 26, 1915. Reprinted from The Lancet, May 8, 1915, pp.25, stiff wraps, fine.
    Osler made a plea that the (pathological) war specimens be sent from the hospitals at the front to the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons.
    Golden and Roland 1319          $50.00

  12. 78.OSLER, WILLIAM - The Coming of Age of Internal Medicine in America. Reprinted from Internat. Clin., 1915, pp. 5, stiff wraps, fine.              $25.00

  13. 79.OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - The Evolution of Modern Medicine. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1928.
    GM 6414 It is one of the most interesting short histories of medicine, written in  Osler’s usual charming style, and is still one of the best books with which to commence the study of medical history.             $90.00

  14. 80.OSLER’S TEXTBOOK REVISITED - Edited by A. McGehee Harvey and Victor A. McKusick. New York, 1967. 8vo., pp.xi, 361. A reprint of Selected Sections with Commentaries.              $20.00

  15. 81.WILLIAM OSLER, 1849-1919 Commemorative Issue. Separate Offprint from JAMA, December 22, 1969, pp. 2213-2271, stiff wraps, Seymour Thomas’ portrait on cover.
    Contributors include Wilder Penfield, Wilburt C. Davison, Earl F. Nation, Nicholas Dewey, Charles G. Roland, R. Palmer Howard,             $40.00

  16. 82.OVERALL, G.W. - Practical Electricity in Medicine and Surgery. Memphis, Memphis Printing Co., 1890. 8vo., pp.128, index, illustrations showing electrical machines and electrodes for stimulating all orifices of the body. A  very scarce Tennessee imprint.         $60.00

  17. 83.PACKARD, FRANCIS R. - Some Account of the Pennsylvania Hospital From its first Rise to the beginning of the  Year 1938. With a Continuation of the Account to the Year 1956 by Florence M. Greim. Philadelphia, 1957. 4to.,pp.xii, 86, dw.              $15.00

  18. 84.PENFIELD, WILDER, EVANS, JOSEPH P. and MACMILLAN, J.A. - Visual Pathways in Man with Particular Reference to Macular Representation. Reprinted from Arch.Neur. and Psych. , April, 1935, pp19, wraps, vg.$18.00

  19. 85.PENFIELD, WILDER - The Circulation of the Epileptic Brain. Reprinted from Proc. Assoc. Research. Nerv. Mental Dis. November, 1937, pp.605-637, wraps, 13 figs. , two of which are colored plates of exposed cerebral cortex, vg.                  $35.00    

  20. 86.PENFIELD, WILDER - Medicine and Other Things. Reprinted from The McGill News, March, 1939, pp. 5, wraps                 $15.00

  21. 87.PILCHER, LEWIS STEPHEN - A Surgical Pilgrim’s Progress. 1845-1925. Philadelphia 1925. 8vo.,, 451. Philcher reminiscences of his career during the Golden Age of American Surgery.         $45.00

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  23. 89.POWER, D’ARCY - William Harvey. London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1897. 8vo., pp.283, frontis. port.
    The author was one of the pre-eminent. Harvian Scholars. $30.00

  24. 90.POWER, SIR D’ARCY - A Sort History of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital 1123-1923, Past and Present; The Future by H.J. Waring. London, Printed for the Hospital, 1923. 4to., pp.xv, 201, 34 plates some colored, 2 folding, fine half-parchment binding, inscribed to Dr. Frederick L. Flynn from J.P. Fitzmaurics. Laid in is an A.L.s. on Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital stationary 29-June-27. To Dear Franklin (Kennith J. Franklin) from W.R. Bell ?. “Forgive the E.Y.D. ish streak in me - I have inherited it from my life-long mentor” ?              $110.00

  25. 91.POWER, SIR D’ARCY - Medicine in The British Isles. New York, 1930. 12mo. pp.vii, 84.
    GM 6540

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    GM 4165                     $25.00

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  33. 99.SABISTON, DAVID C. - Major Contributions to Surgery from the South. The Presidential Address to the Southern Surgical Association December, 1974. Reprinted from Ann. Surg. May, 1975, pp.487-507. Inscribed by the author.                  $20.00

  34. 100.(SACHS) - Original photograph of Ernest Sachs mounted and framed. 10x9 inches. Inscribed and signed to his former pupil, Arnold Meironsky. Dec.8/1948  $110.00

  35. 101.SACHS, ERNEST - The History and Development of Neurological Surgery. New York, 1952. 8vo., pp.158, illus.
    GM 5018                   $60.00

  36. 102.SCOTT, SIR RONALD BODLEY - The Admirable Faculties of the Blood. The Harveian Oration delivered before The R.C.P. of London, October, 1976, London, R.C.P., 1977, pp. 19.             $15.00

  37. 103.SELECTED READINGS IN THE HISTORY OF PHYSIOLOGY. Compiled by John F. Fulton; Completed by Leonard G. Wilson. Second Edition. Springfield, 1966, 8vo., pp.xxvi, 492, illus., dw.
    GM 1588.2 (1930)               $35.00                

  38. 104.SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JOHN FOTHERGILL. - An Account of the Sore Throat with Ulcers and On Painful Affection of the Face. In Medical Classics vol.5, no. 2, October, 1940, pp.106
    Fothergill is famous today because of his original and classic descriptions of diphtheritic sore throat and tic douloureaux.                  $25.00

  39. 105.SEWARD, A.C. - Darwin and Modern Science. Essays in Commemoration of the Centenary of the Birth of Charles Darwin and of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Publication of The Origin of Species. Edited, for the Cambridge Philosophical Society and the Syndics of the University Press. Cambridge, 1909. 4to., pp.xvii, 595, 29 Essays on Darwin and his discoveries, Frontis. portrait from 1854 photograph of Darwin. See Osler1583 Two of the essays were by Darwin’s sons, George and Francis.  $200.00      

  40. 106.SMITH S. CALVIN - Heart Affections Their Recognition and Treatment. Philadelphia, 1920. 8vo., pp.xiv, 440. The author was instructor in medicine, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine. $20.00       

  41. 107.THE MAKING OF A LIBRARY. Extracts From Letters 1934-1941 of Harvey Cushing, Arnold C. Klebs and John F. Fulton. New Haven, 1959. 8vo., pp/69. Limited edition of 1000 copies.              $30.00

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  1. 1.BELL, CHARLES - Manuscript of the Arteries. (1797) Facsimile Edition by Medicina Rara from the original manuscript for the first time in a complete colour facsimile true to thee original in the National Library of Medicine. Bell’s Manuscript on the Arteries contains twelve full-page water-colour drawings of the dissected parts and related texts and foot notes. In the printed editions the illustrations were reduced in size and the colour altered. In 1912 the slim note-book came from its private English owner, Dr. Thomas Windsor of Manchester into the National Library.       $300.00

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    GM 5769 (London, 1829); GM5769.1 (London, 1840) Benjamin W. Dudley’s copy with his signature on title. Dudley was Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at the Medical College of Ohio.     $225.00

  6. 6.(CRITCHLEY) - T.L.S. from Dr. Macdonald Critchley to Mr. James Hardman (Neurosurgeon) on Critchley’s personal letter head at The National Hospital Queen Square regarding invitation to give The Arthur Hall Memorial Lecture “The Neurology of Blindness” to The University of Sheffield on 3 April 1969. Together with 3 cards: An invitation to Mr. and Mrs J. Hardman to the Lecture, an invitation to the dinner afterwards at the Sheffield Club, and the admission card to the lecture.     $225.00
    As a side note some  years ago Jim Goodrich and I visited Mr. Hardman at his home to see what was arguably the finest collection of rare books in the history of neurology and neurosurgery in private hands.

  7. 7.CRUMMER, LEROY - Clinical Features of Heart Disease. An Interpretation of the Mechanics of Diagnosis for Practitioners. Introduction by Emanuel Libman. Second Editon. New York, 1930. 8vo., pp. xxi, 415, vg.     $30.00

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    Second edition of Whytt’s most important book, and a classic of neurophysiology. Whytt was the first to prove that the response of the pupils to light is a reflex action (Whytt’s reflex). See McHenry pp.116-19 and Fulton’s “Selected Readings in the History of Physiology”.
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