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  1. 1.A HISTORY OF NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY. Edited by A. Earl Walker. Baltimore, 1951. 4to., pp.xii, 583, dw, vg.
    GM 5017 Includes a bibliogrphy of 2371     $175.00

  2. 2.Als A letter from Dr. C.C. Cavindish to an unknown person regarding sending a Dr. Wilson to help with a problem of a Cholera outbreak.   Burlington House Jan 2/1849     $45.00

  3. 3.A NEW SYNDROME - Two articles in NEJM December 18, 1980: Davis, Jeffrey P. Toxic-Shock Syndrome pp.1429-1435; Shands, Kaathryn N. Toxic-Shock Syndrome in Menstruating Women. pp.1436-1442, Vol. 303, No. 25 complete.      $25.00

  4. 4.BAILEY, PEARCE - Diseases of the Nervous System Resulting From Accident and Injury. New York, 1906. 8vo., pp.xii, 627, 94 illustrations. A physician of many accomplishments , Dr. Bailey was ne of the founders on the N.Y. Neurological Institute, The Charaka Club and headed the army’s Neuro-Pshychiatric Service in WW I.$40.00

  5. 5.BARTHOLOW, ROBERTS - A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Third Edition. New York, 1880. 8vo., pp.xvi, 595, cont. calf . In addition to various medicines, Bartholow has sections on Heat, massage, electricity, acupuncture and blood letting.
    Bartholow was the first to stimulate electrically the cerebral cortex in a conscious human, producing muscular contractions of the contralateral extremities and on increasing the current a focal convulsion occurred, (DeJong; McHenry) He reported this daring experiment in 1874. See GM 1406.1. This is noted on pp.267 in this edition. $60.00

  6. 6.BARTLETT, ELISHA - The History, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Fevers of the United States. Third Edition. Philadelphia, 1852. 8vo., pp.xxv, 49-595, contemporary calf, a vg copy.
    Cushing B130 (4th. ed.); Iowa1652              $150.00        

  7. 7.BELL, CHARLES - The Hand Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design. Second Edition. London, William Pickering, 1833. 8vo., pp.xvi, 314, Illus. , Half title present. Later 3/4 calf. Brit.Med.Lib. stamp on 1/2 title. 
    Cushing B258 (3rd Ed.); Osler 1994 (4th. Ed.) $225.00

  8. 8.BELL, SIR CHARLES - Letters of Sir Charles Bell, Selected From His Correspondence with his Brother GEORGE JOSEPH BELL. London, John Murray, 1870. 8vo., pp.xiii, 434, half-title, 3 drawings by Bell, polished contemporary calf binding, raised bands. very scarce.
    Cushing B261       $400.00

  9. 9.BICK, EDGAR M. - Source Book of Orthopedics. New York, 1968. 8vo., ppxii, 576.
    GM 4482      $35.00

  10. 10.(BLALOCK) - The Papers of Alfred Blalock. Edited by Mark M. Ravitch. Two Volumes. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1966. 4to., pp.lxvi, 1123; 1196-2026. A fine set in slipcase. Dr. Blalock was one of the great American surgeons of the 20th. Century and a pioneer of surgery for congenital heart disease.      $175.00

  11. 11.BRAIN, SIR RUSSELL - William Harvey Neurologist. The Harveian Oration 1919. London, 1959. 8vo., pp.21, vg.     $25.00

  12. 12.BRAMWELL, BYROM - Diseases of the Spinal Cord. Third Edition. Edinburgh, William F. Clay, 1895. 8vo., pp.xii, 659, illus., orig. olive green pebbled cloth, fine.
    GM 4565 (Edinburgh, 1882) The third ed. is thoroughly rewritten and greatly extended.      $200.00

  13. 13.BRAMWELL,, BYROM - Clinical Studies. A Quarterly Journal of Clinical Medicine. Three Volumes. Edinburgh, 1903-04-05. 8vo., pp. iv, 388; iv, 398; iv, 424, Illus., 3/4 calf bindings. Signature on fep of each volume “F. McGaw,MD , 74 Dublin Road, Belfast.
    Bramwell was Physician to the Royal Infirmary and hardly a single student missed his weekly clinics. His cases included neurologic, cardiac and thoracic aorta, gastrological etc.     $60.00

  14. 14.(BRODEL) - Three unpublished drawings of The Anatomy of the Human Ear by the Late MAX BRODEL. Philadelphia and London, 1946. 4to.,, pp.(8), orig. linen binding. The authors note: “In the last decade of his life, Brodel became intensely interested in the problem of good  illustrations of the anatomy of the human ear.     $35.00

  15. 15.(BROWNE, SIR THOMAS) - Browne’s Religio Medici and Digby’s Observations. Oxford, the Clarendon Press, 1909. 8vo., pp.5L, 183, 44, velum binding, some wear. This edition was printed from copies lent by Sir William Osler. Osler 4470            $45.00

  16. 16.(CARDIOLOGY) - The Einthoven String-Galvanometer. Leiden, n.d. 8vo., pp.24, illus., wraps. This booklet contains a description of the Einthoven String-Galvanometer. In 1924 Einthoven received the Nobel Prize for medicine. See GM842      $18.00

  17. 17.CASSERIO, GIULIO - TABULAE ANATOMICAE. and De Formato Foetu Tabulae. Venice, 1627. Facsimile edition by Medicina Rara. See pictures and full description on website.

  18. 18.CHAIN, ERNEST, FLOREY, H. W., - Penicillin as a Chemotherapeutic Agent. In The Lancet 2, London, 1940. pp.226-28. This issue complete fine in custom folding case. See picture on webpage.
    GM 1934, P.M.M. 420b. Norman 437 Alexander Fleming had discovered the growth-inhibiting action of the
    Penicillium mold on certain bacteria in the 1920’s. Penicillin had little practical value until Chain, Florey and their research team concentrated the drug, producing a stable product suitable for therapeutic use.     $600.00

  19. 19.CHARCOT, JEAN MARTIN - Clinical Lectures on senile and Chronic Diseases. Translated by William S. Tuke. London, The New Sydenham Society, 1881.First English Edition.  8vo., pp. xvi, 307. 6 plates. This book of Charcot’s was first published in 1867. This was the first formal work on old age to appear in English.      $65.00

  20. 20.CHAUVOIS, LOUIS - William Harvey His Life and Times: His Discoveries: His Methods. Foreword by Sir Zachary Cope. London, 1957. 8vo., pp.271, 18 Plates plus line illustrations.     $25.00

  21. 21.CHESELDEN, WILLIAM - OSTEOGRAPHY London, 1803. Facsimile Edition by Medicine Rara. See website for pictures and full description.

  22. 22.COMBE, GEORGE - A System of Phrenology Fourth Edition. Two Volumes in One. Edinburgh, 1836. 8vo., pp., 933, numerous wood-cut illustrations. 3/4 calf.
    Combe became an advocate of Phrenology after watching Spurzheim dissect a brain. Combe founded The Phrenological Society of Edinburgh. This early concept of  of cerebral localization would lead to the definitive studies of Hitzig and Fritsch.      $80.00

  23. 23.COMRIE, JOHN  D. - History of Scottish Medicine. Second Edition. Two Volumes. London, 1932. 8vo., pp.396 ; 411-852. A fine copy in blue linen with gilt lettering.
    GM 6541; Cushing C368. Traces fully and accurately the history of medicine in Scotland from the earliest times. $60.00

  24. 24.COURVILLE, CYRIL B. - Birth and Brain Damage. An investigation into the problems of antenatal and paranatal anoxia and allied disorders and their relation to the many lesion-complexes residual thereto. Loma linda, 1971. 4to., pp.xxi, 408, slip case, vg.     $30.00

  25. 25.CRILE, GEORGE - Intelligence, Power and Personality. New York1941. 8vo.,, 347, vg.  $25.00

  26. 26.CROWE, S.J., CUSHING, HARVEY, and HOMANS, JOHN. Experimental Hypophysectomy.  Extracted from Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp. May 1910, pp.127-169. $35.00   

  27. 27.CUSHING, HARVEY and WEED, LEWIS H. - Studies on Cerebro-Spinal Fluid VIII The Effect of Pituitary Extract Upon Its Secretion (Choroidorrhoea) Reprinted from Amer. J. Physio. January 1915, pp.77-103.
    Studies on the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid and its Pathway. No.IX Calcareous and Osseous Deposits in the Arachnoidea. Reprinted form Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull. November, 1915, pp.15, 3 plates.     $45.00

  28. 28.CUSHING, HARVEY - From a Surgeon’s Journal 1915-1918. First Edition. Boston, 1936. 8vo., pp.xxi, 534, vg. Cushing’s WW I experiences in France.     $45.00

  29. 29.CUSHING, HARVEY - “Dyspituitarism” Twenty Years Later with special consideration of the pituitary adenomas. extracted from Arch. Int. Med. April 1933, pp.487-537, wraps.      $40.00

  30. 30.CUSHING, HARVEY - Medicine at the Crossroads. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. May, 1933, pp.27, wraps. The Presidential Address read before the Congress of Physicians and Surgeons at Washington, D.C. 1933.$35.00

  31. 31.(CUSHING) - Harvey Cushing’s Seventieth Birthday Party April 8, 1939. Speeches, Letters, and Tributes. (Springfield) Published for the Harvey Cushing Society, 1939. 8vo., pp.vii, 146, frontis portrait by Deane Keller, dw. Dr. Cushing died on October 7th. while this book was in the press.     $50.00

  32. 32.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Space-Compensating Functions of the Cerebrospinal Fluid-Its Connection with Cerebral Lesions in Epilepsy. Reprinted from the Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull. Aug. 1923, pp.16.folding plate, wraps.     $35.00

  33. 33.DANDY, WALTER E. - “Avertin” Anesthesia in Neurological Surgery. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. May 1931, pp. 6, wraps.     $20.00

  34. 34.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Effect of Hemisection of the Cochlear Branch of the Human Auditory Nerve. Preliminary Report. Reprinted from Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp. March 1934, pp.208-210.     $25.00

  35. 35.DANDY, WALTER E. - The Treatment of Recurring attacks of Low Backache Without Sciatica. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. Aug. 1944, pp.12,      $25.00

  36. 36.DAVISON, WILBURT C. - The Complete Pediatrician. Practical, Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Preventive Pediatrics. Sixth Edition. Durham, 1949. 8vo.,, 256, Index, vg.     $35.00

  37. 37.DEAVER, JOHN B. - Appendicitis - Its History, Anatomy, Clinical Aetiology, Pathology, Symptomatology, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Technique of Operation, Complications, and Sequels. Third Edition revised and enlarged. Philadelphia, 1905. 4to., pp.xvii, 492, 64 full page plates, 8 colored.     $50.00

  38. 38.DOYLE, A. CONAN - Round the Red Lamp. Being facts and fancies of medical life. Second American Edition (published the same year as the first edition). New York, 1894. 8vo., pp,iv, 307, orig. gilt dec. red cloth. $125.00

  39. 39.DREWITT, F. DAWTREY - The Romance of the Apothecaries’ Garden at Chelsea. Third Edition. Cambridge, 1928. 8vo., pp.xvii, 175, illus. , 1 folding plate, vg. The first cotton seeds sent to the new Colonies came from the Chelsea Physic Garden.     $40.00

  40. 40.EAGLETON, WELLS P. - Brain Abscess Its Surgical Pathology and Operative Technic. New York, 1922. 8vo., pp. xix, 297, illustrated, vg.      $50.00

  41. 41.ECCLES, JOHN C. and GIBSON, WILLIAM C. - Sherrington His Life and Thought. Berlin, 1979. 8vo., pp.xv., 269, dw., vg.     $30.00

  42. 42.FERRIER, DAVID - The Functions of the Brain. Second Edition, re-written and enlarged. London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1886. 8vo., pp.xxiii, 498, orig. green cloth, near fine.
    GM 1409 (London, 1876) Ferrier may be said to have laid the foundation of our knowledge concerning the localization of cerebral function.     $325.00

  43. 43. De Venarum Ostiolis 1603 of Gieronymus Fabricius of Aquapendente (1533-1619) Facsimile edition with introduction, translation, and notes, by K.J. Franklin. Springfield, 1933. 8vo., pp. 98, illus.
    GM 757 Frabricus, teacher of Harvey at Padua discovered the venous valves.      $40.00

  44. 44.FINLAY, CARLOS E. - Carlow Finlay and Yellow Fever. Edited by Morton C. Kahn. New York, Published under the auspices of The Institute of Tropical Medicine of the University of Havana, 1949. 8vo.,  pp.xii, 249, illustrated. Association copy: “To Dr. E.A. Hudson Sincerely yours Gilberto Cepero Habana, Sept. 29, 1951”. Also signed Dr. Pedro Kouri Prof. of Tropical Medicine Universided Habana”. The School of Tropical Medicine is now named “The Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine” with a staff of 700.      $150.00

  45. 45.FISK, DOROTHY - Dr. Jenner of Berkeley. London, 1959. 8vo., pp.vii, 288, illustrated with plates. The definitive biography of the great Edward Jenner and the story of vaccination.     $25.00

  46. 46.FOX, SIR THEODORE - Purposes of Medicine. The Harveian Oration 1965. Reprinted from “The Lancet with additions for the Royal College of Physicians. 8vo., pp.15. $10.00

  47. 47.FRANKLIN, J. KENNETH - A Short History of Physiology. Second Edition. London, 1949. 8vo., pp.147, 16 plates of notables in physiology.
    GM 1583, this edition.      $40.00

  48. 48.FULTON, JOHN F. - The Great Medical Bibliographers. A Study in Humanism. Westport, 1951. 8vo., pp.xv, 107, 37 illustrations. Publication No. 26 The Historical Library Yale University School of Medicine.     $35.00

  49. 49.FURLONG, RONALD - Injuries of the Hand. First American Edition. Boston, 1957. 8vo., pp.215, 99 illustrations. Furlong was Asst. Orthopedic Surgeon to St. Thomas Hospital, London.     $30.00

  50. 50.GOWERS, W.R. - Lectures on the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain. Delivered at University College Hospital, London. First American Edition. Philadelphia, 1885. 8vo., pp.vii, 246, skillfully re-cased, orig. spine laid down.
    GM  4568 (London, 1885); Iowa 2077     $125.00

  51. 51.GROSS, ROBERT E. - The Surgery of Infancy and Childhood Its Principles and Techniques. Philadelphia & London, 1953. 4to., pp.xxiv, 1000, 1488 illustrations, vg.
    GM 6357.59 Gross developed the speciality of pediatric surgery, inventing numerous operations. This was the first modern comprehensive textbook on the subject. $80.00

  52. 52.GROSS, SAMUEL D. - A System of Surgery; Pathological, Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Operative. Two Volumes. Philadelphia, Blanchard and Lea, 1859-62. Vol. I Second Ed. 8vo., pp.1062, 1227 engravings; Vol. II  First Ed. 8vo., pp,1198, 936 engravings. Both volumes have been finely rebound in 1/2 calf and marbled boards with original labels laid down. A very nice set.
    GM 5607; Rutkow GS46 Gross”s Surgery is considered one of the most important surgical treatises of its time and was a truly hurculean effort and went through six editions. $1250.00

  53. 53.GUNN, JOHN C. - GUNN’S DOMESTIC MEDICINE or Poor Man’s Friend; Describing in Plain Language, the Diseases of Men, Women, and Children, and the latest and most approved means used in their cure, and is intended expressly for the benefit of families in the Western and Southern States. ....Tenth Edition. Xenia, (Ohio), J.H. Purdy, 1838. 8vo., pp.768, orig. contemporary calf binding, vg.
    Iowa 1619 (1836)  Gunn was a physician in Knoxville, TN when his handbook was first published in 1830. It became enormously popular and was mentioned in
    The adventures of Huckliberry Finn and was used extensively as a reference source by John Steinbeck in East of Eden. $200.00


  54. 54.HALSTED, WILLAM STEWART - The Results of Radical Operations for the Cure of Cancer of the Breast. Reprinted from Trans. Amer. Surg. Assoc. 1907, pp. 19, wraps.      $35.00

  55. 55.HALSTED, WILLIAM STEWART - The employment og Fine Silk in Preference to Catgut and the Advantages of transfixing issues and Vessels in Controlling Hemorrhage Also an Account of the Introduction of Gloves, Gutta-Percha Tissue and Silver Foil. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. April 1913, pp.24.     $40.00

  56. 56.HAMMOND, WILLIAM A. - On Certain Conditions of Nervous Derangement Somnambulism-Hypnotism-Hysteria-Hysteroid Affections.Third Edition. New York, 1883. 8vo., pp.256, wood-cut illustrations, fine. $45.00

  57. 57.HEAD, HENRY- Studies in Neurology. In Conjunction with W.H.R. Rivers, Gordon Holmes, and others. Two Volumes. London, Henry Frowde, 1920. 4to., pp.ix, 323l; 333-862, illus., orig. red cloth.
    GM 1304; See Iowa 2241 for additional remarks. $150.00

  58. 58.(HEAD) - Henry Head Centenary Number. Brain A Journal of Neurology. Vol. 84, Part IV., 1961. Complete issue with wraps bound in linen binding. 12 papers by and about Head. There is a photograph of Head and Rivers at work in River’s rooms at St. John’s College, Cambridge. $40.00

  59. 59.HERTZLER, ARTHUR E. - Surgical Operations with Local Anesthesia. New York, 1912. 8vo., pp.205, index, illus.     $25.00

  60. 60.HEUER, GEORGE W. - Dr. Halsted. Supplement to Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital February, 1952. Baltimore, 1952. 8vo., pp.105, frontis Portrait (Dandy’s favorite), bound in hard cover linen.     $45.00

  61. 61.HILTON, JOHN - Rest and Pain. Edited by E.Wl Walls and Elliot E. Philipp. Sixth Edition. London G.Bell & Sons, 1950. 8vo., pp.xxxiv, 503, illus. A title page of the original edition “On the Influence of Mechanical and Physiological Rest in the treatment of Accidents and Surgical Diseases, and the diagnostic value of pain” London, 1863. is bound in.
    GM 5609 A surgical classic which accounts for the sixth edition.      $45.00

  62. 62.HISTORICAL  ASPECTS OF THE NEROSCIENCES. A festschrift for Macdonald Critchley. Editors F. Clifford Rose and W.F.Bynum. New York, 1982. 4to., pp.xix, 537, richly illustrated, dw,  fine.      $75.00

  63. 63.HOLLANDER, EUGEN - Die Medizin in der Klassischen Malerei. Second Auflage. Stuttgart, Verlag Von Ferdinand Enke, 1913. 4to., pp. xx, 477, 272 illustrations. Decorative linen binding. A remarkable collections of illustrations of paintings of notable artist from the 15th. on. depicting various medical scenes, barber surgeons operating on the head and extremities, blood letting etc.
    Reynolds 2016 (3rd. Auflage 1923)      $175.00

  64. 64.HORNER, W.E. - Lessons in Practical Anatomy for the Use of Dissections. Philadelphia, Edward Parker, 1823. 8vo., pp. xxxi, 505, nicely re-bound in linen, light foxing on some pages. On page 120 he describes the Tensor Tarsi (Horner’s )muscle supplying the lacrimal apparatus. . GM 1494)      $45.00

  65. 65.HORRAX, GILBERT - Harvey Cushing 1869-1939. In The Diplomate March, 1940, pp. 90-95.      $20.00

  66. 66.KAGAN, SOLOMON R. - Fielding H. Garrison  A Biography. Boston, 1948. 8vo., pp.104. See GM 6408 $35.00

  67. 67.KAHN, EDGAR A. - Journal of a Neurosurgeon. Foreword by Bronson S. Ray. Springfield, 1972/ 8vo., pp.ix, 172, illus., dw. A fascinating account of the author’s training with Dr. Max Peet in the 1930’s and later during WW II and later in his practice in neurosurgery. $25.00

  68. 68.KANAVEL, ALLEN B. - Infections of the Hand. A  Guide to the Surgical Treatment of Acute and Chronic Suppurative Processes in the Fingers, Hand and Forearm. Third Edition. Philadelphia, 1916. 8vo., pp.499, 161 engravings.
    GM 4386.01 The first comprehensive treatise on hand surgery.      $50.00

  69. 69.KEEN, W.W. - Remarks on Operations on the Gasserian Ganglion with a Report of Five Additional Cases. Reprinted from Amer. J. Med. Sci. January, 1896, pp. 16, wraps.      $35.00

  70. 70.KEEN, W.W. and SWEET, WM. M. - A Case of Gunshot Wound of the Brain in Which the Roentgen Rays Showed the Presence of Eight Fragments of the Bullet. Localization by Sweet’s method made operation inadvisable. With a Description of an Improved Apparatus for Localization of Foreign Bodies. Reprinted from Amer. J. Med. Sci. July, 1903, pp.10, 8 figs.      $45.00

  71. 71.LaWALL,CHARLES H. - Four Thousand Years of Pharmacy. An outline history of pharmacy and the allied sciences. Philadelphia, 1927. 8vo., pp.xv, 665, 64 leaves of plates, facsimile., ports.
    Reynolds 2-1052       $50.00

  72. 72.MILLS, CHARLES K. - The Surgery of Brain Tumors From the Point of View of the Neurologist, With Notes of a Recent Case. Reprinted from Phila. Med. J., Nov. 1902, pp. 20, wraps.      $45.00

  73. 73.MILLS, CHARLES K. - The Cerebral Centers for Taste and Smell and the Uncinate Group of Fits. Based on the Study of a Case of Tumor of the Temporal Lobe With Necropsy. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. Sept., 1908, pp.19, wraps.      $40.00

  74. 74.MITCHELL, S. WEIR and RHEIN, J.H. WALLACE - A Clinical Re-Examination of Chorea. Reprinted from Phil. Med. J., January 1898, pp.10      $20.00

  75. 75.MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Doctor and Patient. Fourth Edition. Philadelphia, 1904. 8vo., pp.177, orig. binding like new.     . $60.00

  76. 76.MOYNIHAN, SIR BERKELEY - American Addresses. Philadelphia, 1917. 8vo., pp.143. Five papers read in Chicago in Oct. and Nov.,1917 before the American College of Surgeons relating to WW I surgery. $45.00

  77. 77.MORTON, LESLIE T. - A Medical Bibliography (Garrison and Morton). An annotated check-list of texts illustrating the history of medicine. Fourth Edition. Aldershot, 1983. 8vo., pp. xii, 1000. An essential reference for the medical book collector.      $50.00


  78. 78.MORTON, THOMAS G. - The History of the Pennsylvania Hospital 1751-1895. Assisted by Frank Woodbury. Philadelphia, 1895. 4to., pp. viii, 575, numerous illustrations. This book is especially important in the account of medicine in early America, describing the physicians and the diseases they treated. (A side note , Morton was one of the first surgeons to successfully operate for appendicitis in 1887. The case was reported by Woodbury).
    Cushing M534; Reynolds 2881      $90.00

  79. 79.OLIVER, LESLIE C. - Parkinson’s Disease and its Surgical Treatment. London, 1953. 8vo., pp.viii, 87, illustrated, dw,  vg. Laid in is a reprint by the same author “Surgery in Parkinson’s Disease. Division of Lateral Pyramidal Tract for Tremor”. Reprinted from The Lancet, May1949.                                                          $30.00

  80. 80.ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY OF INJURIES. Edited by Sir.. Robert Jones. First Edition. Two Volumes. London, 1921. 4to., pp. xv, 540; viii, 692. Hundreds of illustrations. Contributors include the leading British orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and neurosurgeons of time. The first chapter is “The Principles and Practice of Hugh Owen Thomas. Near fine in original binding.
    Reynolds 2251      $110.00

  81. 81.OSLER, WILLIAM - British Medicine in Greater Britain. The Address in Medicine at the British Medical Association Montreal Meeting. Reprinted from Montreal Med. J., Sept. 1897, pp.18, wraps.     $30.00

  82. 82.OSLER, WILLIAM - Notes on Aneurism. Reprinted from J.A.M.A. June, 1902, pp.12, wraps.      $35.00

  83. 83.OSLER, WILLIAM - Science and Immortality. The Ingersoll Lecture, 1904. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1904, 12mo., pp.54, orig. blue cloth, fine.
    Cushing O107       $100.00

  84. 84.OSLER, WILLIAM - The Coming of Age of Internal Medicine in America. Reprinted from International Clinics, 1915, pp.5, wraps      $30.00

  85. 85.(OSLER) - BIBLIOTHECA OSLERIANA. A Catalogue of Books  Illustrating The History of Medicine and Science Collected, Arranged, and Annotated by Sir William Osler and Bequeathed to McGill University. First Edition. Edited by W.W. Francis, R.H. Hill, and Archibald Malloch. Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1929. 4to., pp.xxxv, 785, corrigenda, Oxford blue cloth binding. Irving A. Beck’s copy with his bookplate.
    GM 6772           $475.00

  86. 86.(OSLER) - Sir William Osler Aphorisms From His Bedside Teachings and Writings. First Edition. Collected by Robert Bennett Bean and edited by William Bennett Bean. New York, 1950. Inscribed “ William B. Bean To Sir. Arthur S. MacNalty with regards and good wishes”. Two great Oslerians. Laid in a reprint by Bean “Origin of the Term ‘Internal Medicine’”, dw. $150.00

  87. 87.(OSLER) - Sir William Osler 1849-1919. A Selection for Medical Students. Edited and with an Introduction by Charles G. Roland. Toronto, 1982. 8vo., pp.vii, 114, (2), dw, fine.      $30.00

  88. 88.(OSLER) - William Osler- The Germanic Connection. Edited by Harold M. Malkin. Berkeley, (1994). 8vo., pp.95, stiff wraps, vg. This work consists of 12 letters Osler wrote to colleagues in North America during the period 1874-1908.     $20.00

  89. 89.PACKARD, FRANCIS R. - History of Medicine in the United States. Two Volumes. New York, 1931. 8vo., pp.xxv, 656; xi, 659-1323, 103 illustrations, fine.
    GM 6590 The authoritative source-book of the history of medicine in the United States.      $125.00

  90. 90.PENFIELD, WILDER - To Cultivate the Groves of Academus. Reprinted from Canadian Med. Assoc. J. July, 1961, pp. 5, wraps.     $15.00

  91. 91.PENFIELD, WILDER - The Difficult Art of Giving. The Epic of Alan Gregg. Boston, 1967. 8vo., pp.xiv, 414, illus., dw., vg.      $30.00

  92. 92.REGULATIONS FOR THE ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES. 1913, corrected to April 15, 1917. Washington, G.P.O., 1917. 8vo., pp.416. Medical Department Article LXXIV. Covers Contract surgeons, The Dental Corps; The Hospital Corps; Nurse Corps (female); Garrison service, ambulances; Field service; General Hospitals etc. pp. 284-301, vg.     $40.00

  93. 93.RICHARDSON, SIR BENJAMIN WARD - Disciples of Aesculapius. Two Volumes. First Edition. London, Hutchinson & Co., 1900. 8vo., pp.viii, 424; viii, 425-827. Original green cloth dec in gilt, Illustrated, vg.
    GM 6721; Cushing R143 (New York, 1901); Waller 16187. This set is one of the finest texts on the history of medicine. Scarce.     $250.00

  94. 94.ROMBERG, MORITZ HEINRICH - A Manual of the Nervous Diseases of Man. First English Edition. Translated and Edited by Edward H. Sieveking. Two Volumes. London, The Sydenham Society, 1853. 8vo., pp.xvi, 368; viii, 450, orig. embossed cloth dec in gilt, vg.
    GM 4528 Romberg inaugurated the modern era in the study of diseases of the nervous system. On page 396, Vol.II is to be found the original  description of “Ronberg’s Sign”, pathognomonic of tabes dorsalis.     $475.00

  95. 95.ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND. A Record of the Years from 1901 to 1950. London, 1951. 8vo.., pp.79, illus., gilt dec. maroon cloth.      $15.00

  96. 96.(RUSH) - The Autobiography of Benjamin Rush His “Travels Through Life” together with his Commonplace Book for 1789-1813. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by GEORGE W. CORNER. Princeton, 1948. 8vo., pp. 399, vg.     $35.00

  97. 97.RUSSELL, DOROTHY S. - Observations on the Pathology of Hydrocephalus. London, 1949. 8vo.,, 138, illus.      $35.00

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    See website for additionsl books and antique medical instruments.          .................

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